Changes for version 0.22

  • Fixed a problem that !PrimKey was not correctly set when TableAttr('!Serial') was set.
  • call $sth -> finish when attempt to read after the end of a fetched set of records to avoid problems with to many open cursors.
  • backlinks of automaticly deteced links are now prefixed with a star ('*') instead of one dash ('-') to avoid conflicts. Also the prefix__ is used in backlinks now. Also if there is a prefix like foo__ it is included in the backlink. NOTE: This may break some software, but this step is neccessary for uniqueness. Otherwise there are situations where it can't be predict, which is the destination of a given link.
  • Fix incorrect SQL expression when an empty array is given as parameter to an WHERE expression.
  • Added method Reset to set the current record to the initial state, so a call to Next returns the first record.
  • If DBIx::Database -> new cannot handle a table it will only log a warning, but won't die anymore.
  • Added new Parameter !PreFetch and !Expires which can be used when tieing a hash, which will prefetch the data from the database and storing it in memory, so many accesses to these keys will be much faster. It is also possible to give an expiration time (or function) after which the data is refetched.



Perl extension for Compatibility Infos about DBD Drivers
Perl extension for DBI recordsets
Sequence generator in DBI database
Sequence generator in Filesystem