Changes for version 0.21

  • Fixed problem with wrong StartRecordNo, which will also cause problems with prev and next. Spotted by Alexander Siegel.
  • Fixed problem that FETCHSIZE also returns one to much. Spotted by Robert.
  • Fixed the $last attribute of Search. Spotted by Roman Maeder.
  • Fixed a bug in FETCHSIZE spotted by Robert.
  • Allow different Filters for \\field and field in select.
  • Fixed a problem with bind_param and LONGVARCHAR together with DBD::ODBC
  • Applied patch from Rob McMillin to the documentaion, which corrects my bad english.
  • DBIx::Recordset now supports serials fields. It is able to insert a value from a sequence into a record upon insert and return the value (for databases which supports sequences) or simply return the value of last serial field (for databases which does support serial/autoincrment fields)
  • For DBMS with does not support sequences, there are two new classes (DBIx::Recordset::DBSeq/FileSeq) which emulates sequences in a DB table or the filesystem (see !SeqClass parameter)
  • Execute now retrievs always the correct record after an INSERT when a serial fields is specified. (and serial fields are supported by the DBMS)
  • Documented the $where parameter, which allows to pass a literal SQL WHERE expresseion. (See SYNOPSIS)
  • Added the $values parameter, so you can now pass parameters which should be bind to the placeholders in the expression given with $where. This allows more complex WHERE expressions to be setup.
  • Wrote a short SYNOSIS sections, which gives some examples to make it easier to start with DBIx::Recordset.
  • Multiple values for a single field could now be also passed as array ref.
  • !TableFilter parameter is now always used as prefix, so only thoses tables which starts with the prefix given in !TableFilter are deteced by DBIx::Database.
  • Removed the error message that zero record are updated instead of one, because this were sometimes not correct. Spotted by Roman Maeder.
  • Fixed a problem which occurs when you access a linked table for the first time (e.g. $set{-to}{foo}). Spotted by Andrej Mikus.
  • Removed a lot of -w warnings.



Perl extension for Compatibility Infos about DBD Drivers
Perl extension for DBI recordsets
Sequence generator in DBI database
Sequence generator in Filesystem