Changes for version 0.20

  • Fixed a problem with perl 5.004_04. Spotted by Paul J. Schinder.
  • Added entry for DBD::Informix in send by Kelly Peet
  • Added outer join syntax for DBD::Informix
  • undef in !Filter passed to Recordset constructor overrides filter-function for TableAttr.
  • Fixed a problem with PrevNextForm and MoreRecord spotted by Richard Chen and David M. Davission.
  • Fixed some problems with eg/ with help from Richard Chen.
  • Added date and time datatype to PostgreSQL quoting with help from James Bishop.
  • Added LastError function which returns the last error message and code. This solves problems where the DBI object is already out of scope and the $DBI::errstr isn't available anymore.
  • Now all setup parameters (the ones starting with !), can also be preset via DBIx::Database -> TableAttr.
  • Fix a problem, that an error that sets $@ inside of DESTROY will clear out an earlier error message. Based on a patch from Dean Brettle.
  • !Filter can take a thrid argument, which will cause DBIx::Recordset to always execute the Input Filter
  • Fixed a problem inside Flush, which will report sometime 'Not a scalar reference..'
  • DBIx::Recordset handle uppercase field and tablesnames correctly now. This is important to work with Oracle.
  • New Parameter !TableFilter allows you to specify only a subset of tables from the database/tablespace to work with
  • !TableFilter is taken in account as prefix when searching for links
  • Added NeedNullInCreate for ODBC to work with MS SQL Server
  • Recordset Object didn't get the DBHandle from Database object if specified as !DataSource. Now it does. (Database object must be created with !KeepOpen)
  • !Filter can take rqINSERT or rqUPDATE as Argument after subref, which causes the Filter to always execute on INSERT and/or UPDATE, regardless, if there is a value for the field or not.
  • Added methods TableName, TableNameWithoutFilter, TableFilter and PrimKey.
  • Support multiple Database object with different !TableFilter.
  • !LongNames is now also supported for SELECTs which select not all, but a specified number of fields (i.e. fields are ne '*').
  • DBIx::Database TableLink method, returns all Links for a given table when no linkname is given.
  • Added more tests to ensure that new feature do not break old ones.
  • removed call to non existing method $dbh->begin and call $dbh->commit and $dbh->rollback only when AutoCommit is off, so the DBIx::Recordset transaction methods, can be called regardless, if the DB supports transactions or not. Patch from Alexander Smishlajev.
  • make clean removes test.log and make realclean remove privious configuration. Patch from Alexander Smishlajev.
  • !DataSource can be a DBI database handle. Patch from Alexander Smishlajev.
  • New method Dirty check if there is at leat one dirty row in a recordset. Patch from Alexander Smishlajev.
  • DROP test tables at end of test. Patch from Alexander Smishlajev.
  • DBIx::Database now makes an connect to the database if KeepOpen is set and the object is taken from an already stored one.
  • Flush will call finish on open statement handles to avoid statement handles that stay open to long.
  • Add new parameter !DoOnConnect, which lets you specify any SQL statement that should be execute after each connect.
  • PrevNextForm could now take a hash ref as parameter and addtionaly generate first, last and goto buttons
  • Documentation updates.
  • Added patch from Klaus Reger to avoid warning about undefined value in DESTROY.
  • Added more datatypes to quote for Pg and Oracle. Patch from Klaus Reger.
  • Undef values in where expression are transfored to "is null" operators, also when using placeholders.
  • DBIx::Recordset now uses always bind_param, to avoid problems with quoting and to speed up things. This means DBD drivers which does not support placesholdes will not work anymore with DBIx::Recordset, but all DBD drivers I know, supports now placesholder, so there should be no problem. This also remove an potetial insecure eval form the BuildWhere function.
  • DBIx::Recordset::Flush will update all dirty rows, also if some of them can't be written to the database. Patch from Alexander Smishlajev.
  • DBIx::Recordset::Row::Flush make sure that exactly one row is updated. Based on a patch from Alexander Smishlajev.
  • By setting $FetchsizeWarn to zero, you can now make DBIx::Recordset return the value of $sth -> rows, when the FETCHSIZE method is called by Perl. This feature is still experimental, because I don't what different DBMS returns in $sth -> rows, after an SELECT. Patch from Robert.
  • By setting $PreserveCase, you can cause DBIx::Recordset to _not_ translate all names to lowercase. Per default DBIx::Recordset translates all names (tablenames/ fieldnames) to lowercase to let application work with different DBMS.
  • Updated docs of DBIx::Compat.
  • If the DBMS supports it, DBIx::Recordset will use the LIMIT/OFFSET keywords if you only want to fetch a limited number of row from the database (for parameters $start and $max). Patch from Robert.
  • Added an indroduction to DBIx::Recordset (based on my talk on the 1999 Perl conference) which is viewable with perldoc Intrors.pod



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