Changes for version 0.19

  • changed order of group by and order by in select. Spotted by Roman Maeder.
  • DBIx::Recordset automaticly tried to determinated links between tables (see also DBIx::Database)
  • DBIx::Recordset will only insert a new record in the DB if a record contains any data. This avoids inserting a record that is only created when try to read an non existent record.
  • Added new attribute !WriteMode which lets you specify which write operation to the db are permited and which are not.
  • Added new attribute '!LinkName' which will automaticly select additional fields from links tables (DBMS must support LEFT JOIN)
  • Fixed a problem that occurs in cleanup when you use muliple nested links. (while (($k, $v) = each (%h)) is not reentrant!!)
  • Execute will not do a Search after INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE when an error has occured, so the error message is not overwritten
  • use croak instead of die
  • SQLDelete accepts empty WHERE, which will delete the whole table
  • Added new object DBIx::Database which will parse the metadata of the database and tried to automaticly determinate links between tables. All the information is stored for later access by DBIx::Recordset objects. This makes setup of a DBIx::Recordset object much faster, especially when you use it in the startup file of your web server. Also this gives you the possibility to speficy table attributes only once at startup time.
  • New method Links return the links of a DBIx::Recordset object
  • New method Link4Field return the link of the specified field if any.
  • tied hash now also support DELETE and CLEAR operation on a table.
  • Insert now skips undef values, because there is no need to insert NULL values.
  • Update now set undef to NULL, even for database that does not use placeholders.
  • Added Filters. Filters allows you to specify an input and/or an output function which transforms the correspondig fields before input/output. This could for example be used to transform database specific datatypes (e.g. date) to and from a common format, or just to a human readable format.
  • Fieldnames which are given to Update and Insert maybe prefixed with a \ to avoid any transformation. Suggested by Frank Ridderbusch.
  • Update and Insert converts numeric values to vaild numeric format, e.g. 'foo' will be converted to 0 when inserting in an integer field. Use '\name' => 'foo' to avoid this conversion.
  • 'null' and 'not null' now allowed as unary operators in where expression. Suggested by Malcolm Cook.
  • An value of undef is now allowed as key for the hash access. This is usefull when your primary key is an autoincrement value. Then you can add data with undef as key and call Flush to write out the record.
  • automaticly finish a statement handle, when all data is fetched to avoid unneccesaary open statement handles.
  • Make all the new features are working with DBD::Orcale. Many thanks to John Tobey for his help.
  • Adapted entries for DBD::Sybase. Help and testing from Malcolm Cook and Aaron Ross.
  • $DBIx::Recordset::Debug now allows more values, so you can better control what's being logged.
  • Added !LongNames parameter which forces the hash keys to the form table.field.
  • Added methods for begin/commit/rollback to make sure DBIx::Recordset internal data are correctly updated. Suggested by John Tobey.


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