Changes for version 0.18

  • Added !TabJoin parameter to support LEFT/RIGTH/INNER JOIN syntax. Spotted by Roman Maeder.
  • Added $group parameter to support GROUP BY
  • Added $append parameter to append arbitrary data to the end of an SELECT statement.
  • Added !IgnoreEmpty which gives you the possiblity to specify how DBIx::Recordset handles fields with undef value, or empty strings. This may helpfull in a CGI enironement. NOTE: with a value of 2 DBIx::Recordset behaves like versions before 0.18
  • fixed problem with handling of undef and zero values. undef is now treated as SQL NULL and zero is handled correctly. See also !IgnoreEmpty.
  • Added entry for DBD::Oracle from Malcolm Cook
  • fixed a bug in PrevNextForm spotted by David Crook
  • The first Next after a sucessfull search returns now the first row and not the second one, spotted by Malcom Cook.
  • fixed a bug so that now linked tables a correctly flushed if modified


Perl extension for Compatibility Infos about DBD Drivers
Perl extension for DBI recordsets