Changes for version 0.17

  • DBIx::Recordset now can handle subtables. This means if you have one tables which has field which is an key for another table you are able to access the second table via $set{first}{subfield} DBIx::Recordset handles this by creating a special link field, which is actually a new Recordset object. Look at "Working with multiple tables" in the documentation.
  • You can now call the method add to get an empty new record and then simply put data in the current record
  • Metadata is cached, that means if you open the same table a second time DBIx::Recordset does not query the driver again for the metadata, but uses the cached values instead.
  • The Flush methods returns now undef on error, otherwise a true value
  • Adapted the data types for newer mSQL drivers in DBIx::Compat
  • Added documentation about working with mulitple tables
  • Added documentation about debugging and DBIx::Recordset logfile
  • DBD::CSV works together with DBIx::Recordset


Perl extension for Compatibility Infos about DBD Drivers
Perl extension for DBI recordsets