Revision history for MySQL-ORM

0.18    - Support 'limit' option on table select methods.

0.17    - Pass __lite on table creation to avoid excessive dbh->clone calls which
          can result in large numbers of database connections being used.

0.16    - Don't add column to ResultX class if it already exists in Result.
          Example, current table has column called "enabled" and parent table has column
          "enabled". In these cases, we shouldn't add "enabled" to the ResultX
          class since it already exists in the Result class.

0.15    - Added a db attribute to the table classes in order to maintain a link
          back to the orm class. Mainly useful in CustomRoles which want to make
          use of methods defined in other CustomRoles on different tables.
        - Fixed selectx method generation to handle self referencing tables.
          Current solution was to not support selectx fetching the parent table
          attributes when the parent table == current table.
        - Better handling of dbh clone

0.14    - Added dbh clone disconnect on destroy logic to avoid warning messages
          if the clone was created while autocommit was off or a transaction
          was open.

0.13    - added --no-fq-table-names option

0.12	- added an additional primary key check to avoid errors when primary 
		  key does not exist.
0.11	- improved selectx to handle order by ASC vs DESC

0.10    - improved MySQL::ORM::Generate::Class::ResultClassX::generate() to better handle null columns in selectx 

0.09    - reverted uniq columns feature added in 0.07

0.08	- fixed bug with get_id() method sig generation
		- added -o option to cli
0.07	- squelched perltidy noise
		- made uniq columns as required in insert methods
0.06 	Update by_param to private _by_param

0.05	fixed signatures for nullable foreign keys in the selectx methods

0.04    skip pre-existing files

0.03	removed extraneous tmp dir

0.02	fixed bug in lib/MySQL/

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.