Revision history for JIRA-Client.

0.45      2016-12-11 10:52:46-02:00 America/Sao_Paulo


  - Fix a few spelling errors and remove the TODO file.

0.44      2016-12-10 10:00:09-02:00 America/Sao_Paulo


  - Fix deprecation warning saying that JIRA's SOAP API was removed on JIRA
    7 and not that it would be removed on JIRA 8.

0.43      2015-02-01 22:33:09-02:00 America/Sao_Paulo


  - Deprecate the distribution, because JIRA's SOAP API is already
    deprecated and won't be available in future JIRA 8.0. Prospect users are
    invited to try the JIRA::REST module instead.

0.42      2014-08-09 17:47:44 America/Sao_Paulo


  - Add deprecation warning and reference to JIRA::REST.

0.41      2014-04-01 21:34:37 America/Sao_Paulo

  [New features]

  - New method filter_issues_unsorted.

0.40      2012-08-02 08:21:52 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Fix constructor URL munging by applying a patch from Slaven
    Rezić. Thanks again!

0.39      2012-07-31 09:25:36 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Revert the constructor change of 0.38 because it broke
    invokations when JIRA server's base URL had a path component.

  - Implemented an alternative invokation style based on named
    arguments passed via a hash-ref. This was suggested by Slaven
    Rezić. Thanks!

0.38      2012-07-13 19:50:24 America/Sao_Paulo

  - The constructor now admits non-base URLs to non-standard WSDL
    descriptors. This was suggested by Elena Bolshakova
    <>. Thanks!

  - Add examples/

  - Detects some weird connection errors.

0.37      2012-05-01 18:48:03 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Use Data::Util to make for cleaner code.

0.36      2012-04-21 20:55:58 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Moved from Google Code to GitHub.

0.35      2012-04-12 13:14:13 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Add method filter_issues.

0.34    2012-02-22

  - Distribution converted to use Dist::Zilla.
    Online tests are now driven by a configuration file.

0.33    2012-02-20

  - Make create_issue correctly support sub-task issue types. This
    was suggested by Stephen Marquard via

0.32    2011-12-05

  - [rt72470] Fix create_issue and progress_workflow_action_safely parameter conversions.

  - [rt72667] Pass project key to get_security_levels.

0.31    2011-11-19

  - Accept both names for JIRA fields that must be named one way
    to be set and are named otherwise when read. This is due to and was reported
    by Dan Baber via

0.30    2011-09-26

  - Cast duedate's field to a "date" SOAP::Data type. This is
    required by JIRA 4.4.

0.29    2011-09-13

  - Support new methods in the JIRA 4.4 SOAP API.

0.28  2011-05-09

  - JIRA::Client->new passes extra arguments to the underlying
    SOAP::Lite object. This was suggested by Nicholas J Humfrey
    <njh AT cpan DOT org>.

0.27  2011-03-05

  - Properly casts RemoteProjectRole objects in several
    methods. This was suggested by Philippe MARTIN.

0.26  2010-12-21

  - Implements some magic to make it easier to specify Cascading
    field values in the create_issue and update_issue
    methods. This was suggested by Keith Hackworth.

0.25  2010-09-11

  - Implements method get_statuses, courtesy of michael AT

  - Fixes a problem in _convert_resolution, courtesy of KBeal AT

  - Fixes a typo in examples/, courtesy of cosimo AT

0.24    2009-12-24

  - Corrects one typo suggested by Andrey Belous and denies the
    attachment of empty files, as suggested by Jon Connell.

0.23    2009-12-12

  - Corrects the SOAP serialization of arrays to enable the use of
    the add*AttachmentsToIssue API methods. Thanks to Jon Connell
    who reported the problem.

  - Implements the methods attach_files_to_issue and
    attach_strings_to_issue to make it easier to attach things.

  - The method create_issue now accepts an optional Security Level
    argument. Thanks to Lance Selvidge for the suggestion.

0.22    2009-11-30

  - Corrects a bug
    [] that
    affected the methods progressWorkflowAction and updateIssue.

0.21    2009-11-21

  - Adds update_issue method.

  - Adds lots of implicit conversions and document them better.

  - Can set duedate field with a DateTime object.

  - Adds a examples directory with a single example so far.

  - Adds resolution conversion from names.

0.20    2009-11-20

  - Converts the 'duedate' field from the ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD)
    into the JIRA required format (d/MMM/yy) in create_issue and
    progress_workflow_action_safely. This is necessary because
    while JIRA requires the later, it gives the former in
    getIssue. Thanks to Andrey Belous for alerting me about this.

  - Adds a perlcritic test and placates some of its criticisms.

0.19    2009-11-06

  - Updates the default conversions for the new JIRA 4.0 methods.
    Thanks to Mário Moreira for alerting me about this.

0.18    2009-10-24

  - Adding kwalitee test. (See

0.17  2009-10-18

  - Implements the method get_issue_custom_field_values, to more
    easily grok the custom field values from an issue.

  - Refactors some code in a bunch of helper functions.

  - Implements many more online tests. There are 39 now.

  - Makes the POD tests disabled by default. They are meant to be
    used by the author only.

0.16  2009-10-04

  - Implements the method get_favourite_filters, which caches the
    user's favourite filters.

  - Casts automatically filter names into filter id in the
    arguments for getIssueCountForFilter, getIssuesFromFilter, and

  - These changes were inspired by Andrew Grangaard's example in

0.15  2009-09-28

  - The method progress_workflow_action_safely hash argument now
    accepts the same shortcuts as the create_issue argument does.

  - Nate Murray and Jon Connell sent me bug reports and
    suggestions. Thanks.

0.14  2009-09-12

  - Supporting versions of JIRA older than 3.14.4 in the method

  - Added an optional argument to the method set_issue_iterator to
    allow for the specification of the pre-fetching cache size.

0.13  2009-08-04

  - Make it easy to set custom fields in create_issue.

0.12  2009-08-02

  - Avoids spurious messages during destruction with a kludge.

0.11    2009-07-13

  - set_filter_iterator accepts filter ids or filter names.

0.10    2009-07-11

  - Implements methods create_issue and
    progress_workflow_action_safelly using ideas from Jon Connel
    <jon AT figsandfudge DOT com>.

  - Makes it easier to call some methods by accepting simpler
    arguments using an idea from Bjørn-Olav Strand <BOLAV AT cpan
    DOT org>.

  - Implements constructors for some helper objects.

  - Implements online tests agains a JIRA server.

0.05  2009-05-24

  - Implement methods get_priorities, get_versions,
    get_custom_fields, and set_custom_fields to maintain a cache
    of this information.

  - Eliminates the method custom_field_map, which is superseeded
    by get/set_custom_fields.

0.04  2009-05-05

  - Implement coersions for structured arguments.

0.03    2009-04-25

  - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.