Revision history for Perl extension TagLib.

1.67 Resubmitting

1.66 (requires taglib 1.11 or greater)
     Thu Jul 28 13:54:25 PDT 2016
     . Fix in and iconv.c for issue #101294
     Sat Jul 23 15:24:46 PDT 2016
     . File properties should be checked with audacity. They are sensitive to 
       (apparently) minor changes.
     Tue Jul 12 15:52:52 PDT 2016
     . Add options to the compile of XS modules to remove uninteresting errors
       See the initialization of $xs_options in Makefilwe.PL
     Wed Jun 29 14:27:01 PDT 2016
     . Using version module to correct failing compare
     Tue Jun 21 16:47:59 PDT 2016
     . Construct paths using Path::Class::File() for Windoze
       Hopefully, this will resolve issue #114906
     Mon Jun 27 16:35:05 PDT 2016
     . Added -lz to Makefile.PL for linux
     Sun Jun 28 06:23:03 PDT 2015
     . Updated README
     1.65 Sun Oct 12 08:30:04 PDT 2014
     . Improve taglib version error reporting

     Tue Jul 15 14:43:36 PDT 2014
     . This is version 1.64. As of this version, code is being maintained under git,
       although its not installed on github.
     . .pm files now reset to version 1.1. The reasoning here is that after the 
       initial cleanup of the .pm's there have been no modifications.
       The distribution version is kept in lib/Audio/
     . Corrected INCLUDE error in TagLib.xs that resulted in certain Vorbis
       routines not being loaded.
     . Added code to make duplicate test files to test removing.
     Wed Jun 11 15:24:22 PDT 2014
     . Improvement to, courtsey Festus.
     Sat Jun  7 14:12:03 PDT 2014
     . Changes from Festus: patches for issues: #82529, #79942, #82298, RT 664415 
     . Require Test::Simple 0.99 (current is 1.001003) for t/TagLib_Ogg_File.t
     Mon Dec 16 14:14:57 PST 2013
     . Added include/ that generates MPEG headers
     Mon Dec  9 14:04:04 PST 2013
     . Added version check for taglib. This required which was 
       aded to Core in 5.10.0, so that's the reason for bumping MIN_PERL_VERSION.
       If is available, MIN_PPERL_VERSION == 5.8.1 should be OK.
     . Added include/ to generate headers for t/TagLib_MPEG_Header.t
       strictly speaking it would bw enough to use a raw number, but this 
       way the header generated is clear.
     Thu Nov 14 10:23:50 PST 2013
     - Add version parameter to MPEG save()
     . Add test for solaris to Makefile.PL. This is a WAG to have define _BSD_ICONV
     . Repair t/TagLib_ID3v2_FrameFactory.t; header requires more than just tag.
     Fri Oct 11 15:43:18 PDT 2013
     - Bring scripts/update_template/ and the updated files into harmony, 
       courtsey Festus.  Added README.updateiterator, ditto
     - Repair for RT 85621, courtsey Sisyphus. Test $PERL_VERSION, create c++ define
     Fri Jan 11 13:23:15 PST 2013
    - Non-critical changes from Festus. UTF8 => UTF-8 in xs/TITERATOR.xs,
      and other problems that happen if the .xs files are re-created.

1.63 Sun Dec 23 13:02:04 PST 2012
    - taglib version-dependent tests, beginning in 1.8.0
      These tests had their result changed as a result of taglib bug fixes
      t/TagLib_ID3v2_Header.t, t/TagLib_APE_Item.t

    - Changes to xs to remove the use of WCHAT_T, which is system dependent,
      and should never appear in "portable" code. Fixes [ #82529]
      Kudos to Festus, who did all of the work.

1.62  Sat Sep  8 14:49:44 PDT 2012
   - Patches for [ #79442], [ #79474] and [ #79480]
        making Windoze work 
   - Patches for Win32 and FreeBSD, courtsey of Festus Hagen
      Festus-01: xs/stringiterator.xs
      iconv_open() fails, incorrect character set names, iconv expects a hyphen
      in UTF names.
      Festus-02: xs/tstring.xs 
      Changing where *fromcode is assigned it's value to a hyphenated version causes
      implications further down the line, including with Taglib
      Patch also resolves: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to

      Festus-03: t/TagLib_ID3v2_Header.t and t/TagLib_APE_Item.t
      Improvements to value checking

      Festus-04: TagLib.xs and xs/apeitem.xs
      Additional refinement to defines.

    - Patch for tagLib.xs courtsey of Sisyphus
      Sisyphus-01: MS Windows
      Changes to defines

    - Updates to Makefile.PL courtsey of Sisyphus
      Sisyphus-02 /dev/null not portable
1.61  Mon Aug 13 21:12:54 PDT 2012
   -  Added -liconv to freebsd libs. Grasping at straws

1.60  Sat Aug 11 10:37:43 PDT 2012
   -   Trying to resolve do_open again

1.59  Thu Aug  9 14:53:03 PDT 2012
   -   Removed the INSTALL file. The essence of redundant!
   -   Added more modules to PREREQ_PM.

1.58  Tue Aug  7 15:11:29 PDT 2012
   -   Added a PREREQ_PM to Makefile.PL for TEST::Output
       Ditto Test::Deep, just to be safe

1.57  Tue Aug  7 15:11:29 PDT 2012
   -   Another attempt fixing do-open, do_close. Seems to have worked

1.56  Sun Aug  5 15:51:04 PDT 2012
    -  Added #undef do_open and do_close to deal with complaints from C++

1.55  Sat Aug  4 09:28:40 PDT 2012
    -  Compile errors: in xs/apeitem.xs do_open, do_close cause problems, not used

1.54 Wed Aug  1 11:56:54 PDT 2012
    - CPAN testing revealed what appears to be an implementation-dependent
      result in t/TagLib_ByteVector.t. That test has been deleted.
    - A number of tests were in TODO: blocks. I expected that they
      would be ignored, but it appears that some of the statements
      resulted in errors that were not ignored. All of these blocks,
      including the error above have geen enlosed in =if 0 ... =cut
    - Finally, a test in t/TagLib_ID3v2_FrameList.t had a race condition
      resulting from a failure to use parens. 

1.52 Tue Jul 31 08:33:24 PDT 2012
    - Corrected Makefile.PL error

1.51 Wed Jul 11 16:21:06 PDT 2012
    - Begin testing with taglib 1.7.2
    - Looks good, except that I haven't covered new functionality

1.50 Tue Jul 10 08:26:45 PDT 2012
    - Final

1.50.0 Sat Jan 22 15:41:45 PST 2011
    - Based on taglib v 1.5. As of this writing, taglib is at v1.6.3,
       consequently it's unlikely that this will be of much use to anyone.
       It's being released as a checkpoint on the way to supporting that release.
       Only fatal bugs will be addressed on this thread.
    - While all of the tests pass, it's not guaranteed that all of the
      TagLib functionality has been tested. YMMV!
    - Add Audio:: to MODULE and DISTRIBUTION statements in xs/*
        used script
    - Updated ppport.h
    - Cleaned auto-inserted comments from t/*
    - Fixed coding errors in t/*
    - Swapped in guitar.* in sample/; adds .wav and .flac
        Produced from guitar.wav using Audacity. Where guitar.wav came 
        from is anybody's guess

1.50_01 10.07.2009
    - patch from CHOCOLATE _at_ cpan dot org (#36560)
    - patch from Spr _at_ cpan dot org (#24410)
    - enable build for taglib v1.5

1.43 Tu 17.01.07
    - support for MacOSX
    - fix on MakeFile.PL

1.42 Mo 17.04.06
    - x86_64 support
    - FreeBSD support(test required)

1.41 Tu 20.12.05
    - bug fix (stack manipulation bug and Makefile.PL)

1.4   Mon Aug 15 18:47:30 2005
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options -A -n TagLib