0.006     2015-05-03 16:30:50+02:00 Europe/Berlin


  Tests are run if the modules they are testing are changed. Alas, there is no
  documentation for this feature yet, read the tests to see how to use it.
  Thanks, totofuga!

  Test::Differences changed the output of eq_or_diff so two test cases failed. Changed
  to the new output.

  Minor changes to some modules so perlcritic and dzil play along.
  (https://github.com/rjbs/dist-zilla/pull/168 isn't merged yet)


  Updated dist.ini: MetaResources was misplaced so the meta information
  wasn't collected in META.yml

0.004     2012-11-18 01:03:13 Europe/Berlin


  Updated dist.ini: We need a minimum version 0.46 Test::Spec since we use
  the method "with" which is introduced in that version.

0.003     2012-11-13 22:08:29 Europe/Berlin


  Corrected a minor bug in a test: I guessed the order of directory entries.
  Thanks to CPAN Testers this was caught.

  The POD for autotest contained duplicate entries since I typed (manually)
  what Dist::Zilla adds (automatically).



  When the last run was red and the current run is green we're told that
  things just got better.


initial version