Daizu::Publish::Editor - Subversion editor for creating publishing jobs


This class provides a Subversion editor which collects information about which files have changed, and what kind of changes were made to them (changed content, new properties, etc.). This information can then be used to create a 'publishing job' which dictates what work needs to be done to bring the websites up to date.


Directory and file batons are a reference to a hash which can contain the following keys:


Reference to entry in file_guid table.


Type of change made to a directory or the actual content of a file. Can be 'A' for added, 'M' for content modified. If it isn't present no actual changes have been made to the content (although there may still be changes to properties).


A reference to a hash where the keys are property names and the values are either 'M' if a new property has been added or an existing one changed, or 'D' if an existing property has been deleted. Only present if any property modifications have been made. Doesn't include special 'entry' properties (those with names starting with svn:entry:).

The file/directory batons are undef for directories which aren't stored in the working copy, but are further up the directory hierarchy, such as 'trunk'.


This software is copyright 2006 Geoff Richards <>. For licensing information see this page: