<?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII"?>
<config xmlns="http://www.daizucms.org/ns/config/">

 <!-- How to connect to the database.  -->
 <database dsn="dbi:Pg:dbname=web_geoff" />

 <!-- How to connect to the Subversion repository.  -->
 <repository url="file:///home/geoff/svn/repos/web_geoff" />

 <!-- Which working copy should the live sites be generated from?
      This will usually be '1' because that will be the ID number
      assigned to the first working copy you check out.
 <live-working-copy id="1" />

 <!-- Domains/email addresses to use, with associated dates of
      ownership, for minting tag URIs as GUIDs for each file.
      There must be exactly one global one to act as a default.
 <guid-entity entity="foobar.com,2006" />

 <!-- Write all output for example.com into the directory where
      Apache will look for it (assuming Apache has been told to).
 <output url="http://www.example.com/"
         path        ="/var/www/example.com"
         gone-map    ="/var/www/example.com-gone.map" />

 <!-- The stuff in this <config> element will only apply to
      content at or below the specified path.
 <config path="example.com">

  <!-- Use a different domain and date for creating GUID URIs
       for content on the 'example.com' website.
  <guid-entity entity="example.com,2006-03" />

  <!-- Provide extra configuration for the Daizu::Gen generator,
       when it is used on a particular website, to enable the
       creation of a XML sitemap file (for Google and other
       search engines).
  <generator class="Daizu::Gen">
   <xml-sitemap />

 <!-- End of configuration specific to 'example.com'. -->

 <!-- You'll need at least one plugin to load articles from
      files.  This one is for files which have XHTML fragments
      as their content.  -->
 <plugin class="Daizu::Plugin::XHTMLArticle" />

 <!-- Enable the syntax-highlighting plugin, which is supplied
      with Daizu CMS.  -->
 <plugin class="Daizu::Plugin::SyntaxHighlight" />

 <!-- This plugin adds convenient 'anchors' to headings, so
      that you can link to specific sections of pages.  -->
 <plugin class="Daizu::Plugin::HeaderAnchor" />

 <!-- Add missing width, height, alt, and title attributes to
      images.  -->
 <plugin class="Daizu::Plugin::ImageMetadata" />

 <!-- Provide a box of 'related links' on some articles.  -->
 <plugin class="Daizu::Plugin::RelatedLinks" />

 <!-- Use templates from the filesystem instead of the
 <template-test path="/home/geoff/svn/web_geoff" />