Changes for version 0.3 - 2006-11-26

  • Allow Perl modules to be loaded from the '_lib' directory in the content repository. r557
  • Publishing feature to bring live sites up to date:
    • Do publishing work automatically, and change the 'daizu' commands for publishing in different ways to be easier to understand. r612
    • Methods in generators to figure out what additional publishing work to do. r575, r587, r588, r589, r591, r597, r599, r600, r618
    • Track changes to URLs. r596, r638
    • Track changes to content. r597, r598, r600, r613
    • Output files are atomically moved into place, and old ones are only overwritten if the content has changed, to preserve modification times. r614, r615
    • Output files now have the execute permission if the file in the content repository is marked as executable. r593
  • Allow connection to remote content repository with 'svn:' URL. r626, r630, r639, r643
  • Plugin changes:
    • Daizu::Plugin::PictureArticle correctly encodes 'alt'. r620
    • PictureArticle output is prettier and more accessible. r606
    • Articles are reloaded if any properties change, because plugins might depend on their values. r622
    • Daizu::Plugin::HeaderAnchor, various small bug fixes. r635
  • New plugins:
    • Article filter plugins can now add information as well as modifying the content. r577, r640
    • Daizu::Plugin::DisplayPicture. r577, r620, r628, r646
    • Daizu::Plugin::ImageMetadata. r631, r636
    • Daizu::Plugin::RelatedLinks. r640
  • Blog generator:
    • Refactoring to make it easier to subclass. r569
    • Correctly ignore blog articles hidden in '_hide' directories. r562
    • Number of articles shown on the homepage is configurable. r590
  • Correct use of 'xml:base' in blog feeds. This fixes relative links and images in blog articles, at least for Bloglines and Google Reader. See for details. r605, r624
  • Google sitemaps:
    • Use the new XML namespace. r629
    • Rename URL method and configuration element to 'xml_sitemap' and 'xml-sitemap' respectively, since they are no longer specific to Google. r650
  • Do simple SSI processing when previewing output, in case your templates use SSIs to implement part of the site design. r560
  • Article loading:
    • Preserve comments in loaded article content. r567
    • Don't save unnecessary XML and DOCTYPE declarations. r633
  • Fix a bug which caused a database constraint breakage sometimes when an active URL changes from one file to another. Preserve redirects where the target URL is 'gone' in case it comes back. r581, r596
  • Bug fix for 'url-content' command. r558
  • Fix UTF-8 encoding bug in preview script. r568
  • Work around bug in Encode module in Perl 5.8.4. r627
  • Make the 'update-all-articles' command work if no working copy ID is specified. r632
  • Avoid unnecessary dependencies on other CPAN modules:
    • Data::Validate::URI is no longer required (but the same checks are done internally now). r571
    • IO::Scalar wasn't being used anyway. r585
  • Don't unnecessarily use a temporary file when parsing XHTML. r564
  • Rewrite maps:
    • Fix bug affecting content of the map files. r579
    • Factor out the code for generating them. r583
    • Make it an error to use the same map filename more than once. r595
  • Template and style changes:
    • Fix layout problem in IE 6. r578
    • Navigation menu is more flexible about which of 'title' and 'short title' are available. r561
    • Show a link to the homepage of a blog in its navigation menu. r563
    • The links in the <head> of blog pages are now generated using the standard 'head/' template, and they are passed to it in a more flexible format. Blog pages which aren't articles no longer have bad previous or next links in. r566
    • New (by default empty) template for adding extra HTML at the end of the file, like Google Analytics code. r594
    • Include description and tags ('keywords') metadata in <meta> elements in the output. r602, r611
    • Only one set of next/previous links need to be provided on blog articles. r607
    • Data tables in articles are centered, and table captions are styled better. r608
  • Upgrade and downgrade scripts:
    • All now stored under the 'upgrade' directory. r603, r609
    • The new upgrade script removes some unnecessary tables, and fixes an index. r604, r619


command line interface to Daizu CMS
downgrade the database for a Daizu 0.2 installation to work with Daizu 0.1
upgrade the database for a Daizu 0.1 installation to work with Daizu 0.2
downgrade the database for a Daizu 0.3 installation to work with Daizu 0.2
upgrade the database for a Daizu 0.2 installation to work with Daizu 0.3


class for accessing Daizu CMS from Perl
class for creating Atom and RSS feeds
class representing files in working copies
default generator class
generator for publishing a blog
functions for handling HTML and XHTML content
display scaled-down versions of images in articles
add anchors to headings in all articles
add information to 'img' elements
publish image files as articles
a plugin for publishing Perl POD documentation on websites
add information to 'img' elements
a plugin for syntax-highlighting code samples in HTML pages
plugin for loading articles written in XHTML
functions for generating preview versions of output content
functions for publishing output
Subversion editor for creating publishing jobs
functions for loading revisions from Subversion
fetch TT templates from a Daizu working copy
functions for use by the test suite
various utility functions
access to database working copies
Subversion editor for updating database working copies


in lib/Daizu/Plugin/