Revision history for Net-Async-CassandraCQL

0.12    2015/02/12 16:00:00
         * Fix queries hanging on current node close.

0.11_4  2015/02/06 13:00:00
         * Support service/port configuration per host.

0.11_3  2015/01/28 18:00:00
         * Fix refcount dependency

0.11_2  2015/01/28 09:00:00
         * Fix query cache keeping loop alive for 60 seconds after it should be removed

0.11_1  2015/01/25 14:00:00
         * Fix eventwatch failure not propogating, and losing sequence Futures
         * Fix requests over pending threshold getting responses from other requests

0.11    2014/06/01 12:35:56
         * Optionally use LZ4 compression when using CQLv2

         * Avoid relying on strong forward references in Future, by creating
           intentional cycles on pending Futures. Workaround for bugfix in
           upcoming Future release.

0.10    2014/02/07 22:28:24
         * Allow a list of initial seed hosts for connect reliability
         * Use TOPOLOGY_CHANGE events to keep the nodelist updated
         * Support CQLv2
         * Make Snappy compression optional

0.09    2013/09/25 18:31:37
         * Allow unreferenced prepared queries to live for a few more
           minutes before expiring them, in case of re-prepare

0.08    2013/09/24 23:08:45
         * When a preferred node comes UP, switch to it if we have a
           connection to non-preferred node
         * Cache query objects by CQL string; return identical objects
           immediately rather than re-preparing duplicate queries

0.07    2013/09/18 18:20:45
         * Allow connecting to multiple nodes, optionally with a preference
           on which data center to pick nodes from
         * Watch for STATUS_CHANGE events to keep node list updated on which
           nodes are up or down
         * Derive directly from IO::Async::Stream, not IaProtocol::Stream
         * Added some IaNotifier ->debug_printf calls

0.06    2013/09/12 17:39:26
         * First attempt at clustering support - NaCassandraCQL object now
           represents the cluster as a whole, with individual connections
         * Query the system.peers table at connect time, and fail-over to
           another node if the connection fails

0.05    2013/09/03 17:08:58
         * Support password-based authentication
         * Support registering interest in server events, and invoking a
           callback then they arrive

0.04    CHANGES:
         * Moved Protocol::CassandraCQL to its own distribution
         * Added ->query_rows, ->quote, ->quote_identifier
         * Added some convenience methods to query schema metadata
           (schema_keyspaces, schema_columnfamilies, schema_columns)

0.03    CHANGES:
         * Allow setting a default consistency level to avoid needing one at
           every call to ->query or ->execute
         * Validate perl data being passed to ->execute bind parameters
         * Added $result->rowmap_array and ->rowmap_hash
         * Implement INET type
         * Moved more parsing/building code into Protocol::CassandraCQL to
           prepare for distribution split

0.02    CHANGES:
         * Added $result->rows_array and ->rows_hash
         * Represent types as firstclass objects
         * Implement collection types (LIST, SET, MAP)
         * Implement UUID and TIMEUUID types
         * Updated documentation

         * Account for inexactness of DOUBLE result printing in unit tests
         * Abort build if no 64bit pack format support
         * Make Protocol::CassandraCQL::Frame perl 5.8.8-clean

0.01    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.