package Games::Zumbis;
  $Games::Zumbis::VERSION = '0.05';
use strict;
use warnings;

use File::ShareDir ();
use Path::Class    ();
use FindBin        ();

my $sharedir;

sub sharedir {
    return $sharedir if $sharedir;

    my $root = Path::Class::Dir->new($FindBin::Bin,'..');

    # desenvolvimento
    if ( -f $root->file('dist.ini') ) {
        $sharedir = $root->subdir('share');
    # instalado
    else {
        $sharedir = Path::Class::Dir->new( File::ShareDir::dist_dir('Games-Zumbis') );

    return $sharedir;



=head1 NAME

Games::Zumbis - How long can you survive in a zombies attack


  # install the game and its prereqs
  cpan Games::Zumbis

  # run the game

  # get addicted


This game started as a self-imposed challenge by the authors to get a
game written from scratch during the 11th International Free Software
Forum - Forum Internacional de Software Livre FISL - from 21 to 24
july of 2010 in Porto Alegre, Brasil.

The game was playable and subject to a small gaming competition that
took place 24 of july 15h being projected in a big screen near the
"user groups" area.

The initial game art was taken from the free tile sets from and heavily modified (specially the zombie
char) by Gustavo Barbosa during the event.

The gameplay is fast, simple and addictive: You have to shot the
zombies before they touch you moving only in four directions and with
only 4 bullets in the screen. You will, inexorably, die. The question
is: How much time you survive, and how many zombies can you kill.


You move the character with the 4 arrow keys and fire with the space
key. You might also choose between the male and female character
before re-starting the game by using the keys 1 and 2.

=head1 LICENSE

The code is distributed in the same terms as Perl itself (Artistic
License 2 or GPL). For the game media, take a look in the CREDITS file
that lists each source and specific license.

=head1 AUTHORS

  $ git log | grep Author | sort | uniq
  Author: Breno G. de Oliveira <>
  Author: Daniel Ruoso <>
  Author: Gustavo Barbosa <>
  Author: Kartik Thakore <>
  Author: Tobias Leich <>


You may take a look at, you can go to
L<irc://> and talk to the developers, we are very permissive
in granting push rights.