Diffbot Perl API - see http://www.diffbot.com for more info.


See the included cpanfile file for a list of dependencies. If you have App::cpanminus 1.6 or later installed, you can use cpanm to satisfy dependencies like this:

$ cpanm --installdeps .

Otherwise, you can install Module::CPANfile 1.0002 or later and then satisfy dependencies with the regular cpan client and cpanfile-dump:

$ cpan `cpanfile-dump`


```perl use WebService::Diffbot;

my $diffbot = WebService::Diffbot->new( token => 'mytoken', url => 'http://www.diffbot.com' );

Article API

my $article = $diffbot->article;

print "url: $article->{url}"; print "text: $article->{text}";

Frontpage API

my $frontpage = $diffbot->frontpage;

another Article API - pass new url to method

$article = $diffbot->article( url => 'http://www.youtube.com' );

print "url: $article->{url}"; print "text: $article->{text}"; ```