I just wanted to be able to extract the information that Gnus write to
its ~/.newsrc.eld file.  In order to do this I ended up writing a
general Lisp reader.  It reads textual lisp and returns a perl
structure that represents the Lisp objects.  For instance

  ; this is a comment
  (foo "foo" (+ 42))

Ends up as the following perl structure.

 [symbol("foo"), "foo", [symbol("+") 42]]

Once I had this I just had to produce a Lisp printer, i.e. something
that takes structure like the one above and returns the textual lisp
representation of it.  And then it was just a matter of a little
programming to turn on evaluation of these objects and a minimal Lisp
environment was born.

All code in this package is experimental and the interfaces can change
at any time.

Copyright 1997 Gisle Aas.  <gisle@aas.no>