Changes			History of this package
MANIFEST		This file
Makefile.PL		Makes the Makefile
README			Please do
dump-lisp		Script that reads and print Lisp
eg.lisp			Sample Lisp code
eval-lisp		Script that reads and evaluate Lisp
lib/Gnus/	Parse ~/.newsrc.eld files
lib/Lisp/	Class representing cons cells
lib/Lisp/	The interpreter (eval_lisp)
lib/Lisp/	Class representing a list of cons cells (not used)
lib/Lisp/	Save&restore symbol values
lib/Lisp/	Turn Lisp objects into text
lib/Lisp/	Turn text into Lisp objects
lib/Lisp/	Special forms
lib/Lisp/	String objects (not used)
lib/Lisp/Subr/	Load all subrs
lib/Lisp/Subr/	Core lisp subrs
lib/Lisp/Subr/	Make perl builtins available as subrs
lib/Lisp/	Symbols hold functions and variables
lib/Lisp/	Lisp version of arrays
newsrc.eld		Sample ~/.newsrc.eld file
t/arith.t		Calculate some
t/bool.t		Evaluate some boolean expressions
t/defun.t		Defining functions
t/gnus-newsrc.t		Test Gnus::Newsrc
t/loop.t		Test loop constructs
t/printer.t		Test Lisp::Printer
t/reader.t		Test Lisp::Reader
todo			Stuff for the future