| SDL Perl
| INSTALL Information Doc

Table of Contents:
  * System Requirements
  * Grabbing the Necessary Version of SDL Perl, Release
  * Same as Above, but Bleeding Edge

System Requirements:

SDL Perl's package on your system should be able to install everything needed
for the SDL module to be properly installed. FYI, this may include the
following libraries (as pre-compiled DLLs for Microsoft Windows platforms):

  * libSDL
  * png
  * tiff
  * jpeg
  * smpeg
  * OpenGL (GL)
  * GLUT   (GLU)
  * SDL_image
  * SDL_mixer
  * SDL_gfx
  * SDL_ttf

Grabbing the Necessary Version of SDL Perl, Release:

It might be a good idea to run from your shell prompt (where the '$' dollar-
sign denotes the prompt itself, so what you should type follows it):

  $ cpan

You will be presented with the CPAN prompt at this point.

  CPAN> upgrade /.*/

Yeah, CPAN> denotes we are now prompted inside CPAN and recommending upgrading
everything out-of-date. Then with your site up-to-date:

  CPAN> install SDL

This should fully prepare you to run and program SDL Perl applications.

Same as Above, but Bleeding Edge:

As of Thu Mar 17, 2011, you'll need git installed on your machine in order to
clone from GitHub by running:

  $ git clone https://GitHub.Com/PerlGameDev/SDL.git

To update your clone, go into the directory that the git repo is in
(i.e., into the git repo itself, not merely the directory that you did the
`git clone` in) and type the following:

  $ git pull

Now to build, run:

  $ perl Build.PL

Then to test:

  $ perl Build test

Only MacOS used to also require you to:

  $ perl Build bundle

... but that shouldn't be necessary anymore.

Katrina Payne (the original author of this file) had a cute anecdote here
about SDL Perl being a blushing girl who fails testing and enjoys watching
InuYasha. Quirky! ;) I couldn't quite bear to replace it all so here's her
paragraph of glory from Thu Oct 22, 2009:

  "Then if there is an issue getting herself all pretty this command will have 
her just stop there... your best bet is to give her comfort food. Of the 
kind of reports on the SDL Perl tracker, as I am not really certain if SDL 
Perl likes Hagan Daaz, but then I have not ask her, and well, you really are 
not in the place to ask. After all, she will likely blame you or your system 
for why she does not look pretty--programs that end up not compiling 
properly tend to have self esteem issues. Sending something to the tracker 
pretty much is a way of telling her you are interested... this usually helps 
her to stop watching old reruns of Inu Yasha (yeah, SDL Perl is still kind of 
young) and get back to feeling better."

Finally you're done with melodramatic testing and ready to type:

  # perl Build install

The '#' above denotes that this command should be entered from a root or
super-user account which has sufficient module installation permissions.

Then your installation of SDL Perl should be complete. Yay! Enjoy! =)