package Main;
$Main::VERSION = '0.068';
# PODNAME: koha-cloud
# ABSTRACT: Creates HTML keywords clouds from Koha Zebra Indexes

use Modern::Perl;
use Carp;
use YAML::Syck;
use Pod::Usage;
use Getopt::Long;
use Fatal qw( open );
use Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Koha;
use Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Zebra::Clouder;

my ($verbose, $help, $conf) = (0, 0, '');
    'verbose'   => \$verbose,
    'help'      => \$help,
    'conf=s'    => \$conf,

sub usage {
    pod2usage( -verbose => 2 );

sub run() {
    usage() if $help || !$conf;          
    my @clouds;
    say "Reading configuration file: $conf" if $verbose;
    eval {
        @clouds = LoadFile( $conf );
    croak "Unable to read configuration file: $conf\n" if $@;
    for my $cloud ( @clouds ) {
        print "Create a cloud\n",
              "  Koha conf file:  ", $cloud->{KohaConf} ? $cloud->{KohaConf} : "default", "\n",
              "  Zebra Index:     ", $cloud->{ZebraIndex}, "\n",
              "  Koha Keyword:    ", $cloud->{KohaIndex}, "\n",
              "  Count:           ", $cloud->{Count}, "\n",
              "  Withcss:         ", $cloud->{Withcss}, "\n",
              "  Output:          ", $cloud->{Output}, "\n",
          if $verbose;  
        # Set Koha context if KohaConf is present
        my $k;
        if ( $cloud->{KohaConf} ) { 
            $k = Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Koha->new( conf => $cloud->{KohaConf} );
        else {
            $k = Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Koha->new();
        # Create output file    
        open my $fh, ">", $cloud->{Output};
        my $clouder = Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Zebra::Clouder->new( 
            koha    => $k,
            index   => $cloud->{ZebraIndex},
            verbose => $verbose,
        $clouder->run( $cloud->{Count} );
        my $withcss = $cloud->{Withcss} =~ /^yes/i;
        print $fh $clouder->html_cloud( $cloud->{KohaIndex}, $withcss );
        close $fh;




=encoding UTF-8

=head1 NAME

koha-cloud - Creates HTML keywords clouds from Koha Zebra Indexes

=head1 VERSION

version 0.068

=head1 USAGE


=item koha-cloud [--verbose|--help] --conf=F<cloud.conf> 

Creates multiple HTML files containing kewords cloud with top terms sorted by
their logarithmic weight. F<cloud.conf> is a YAML configuration file driving
cloud generation process.




=item B<--conf=configuration file>

Specify configuration file name

=item B<--verbose|-v>

Enable script verbose mode. 

=item B<--help|-h>

Print this help page.



Configuration file looks like that:

  # Koha configuration file for a specific installation
  # If not present, defaults to KOHA_CONF
  KohaConf: /home/koha/mylibray/etc/koha-conf.xml
  # Zebra index to scan
  ZebraIndex: Author
  # Koha index used to link found kewords with an opac search URL
  KohaIndex: au
  # Number of top keyword to use for the cloud
  Count: 50
  # Include CSS style directives with the cloud
  # This could be used as a model and then CSS directives are
  # put in the appropriate CSS file directly.
  Withcss: Yes
  # HTML file where to output the cloud
  Output: /home/koha/mylibrary/koharoot/koha-tmpl/cloud-author.html
  KohaConf: /home/koha/yourlibray/etc/koha-conf.xml
  ZebraIndex: Subject
  KohaIndex: su
  Count: 200
  Withcss: no
  Output: /home/koha/yourlibrary/koharoot/koha-tmpl/cloud-subject.html


Generated top terms have more informations than those outputted from the time
beeing. Some parameters could be easily added to improve this script:


=item B<WithCount>

In order to output terms with the number of occurences they have been found in
Koha Catalogue by Zebra.

=item B<CloudLevels>

Number of levels in the cloud. Now 24 levels are hardcoded.

=item B<Weithing>

Weighting method used to distribute terms in the cloud. We could have two
values: Logarithmic and Linear. Now it's Logarithmic by default.

=item B<Order>

Now terms are outputted in the lexical order. They could be sorted by their


=head1 AUTHOR

Frédéric Demians <f.demians@tamil.fr>


This software is Copyright (c) 2022 by Fréderic Démians.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The GNU General Public License, Version 3, June 2007