package main;
$main::VERSION = '0.068';
# PODNAME: koha-claim
# ABSTRACT: Claim overdues each day, grouping same overdues

use strict;
use warnings;
use Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Claimer;
use Pod::Usage;
use Getopt::Long;

my $test     = 0;
my $to       = '';
my $help     = 0;
my $doit     = 0;
    'test'   => \$test,
    'to=s'   => \$to,
    'help'   => \$help,
    'doit'   => \$doit,

usage() if $help;          

binmode(STDOUT, ':utf8');
my $claimer = Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Claimer->new( doit => $doit, to => $to, );
$claimer->claim_all_overdues( );

sub usage {
    pod2usage( -verbose => 2 );



=encoding UTF-8

=head1 NAME

koha-claim - Claim overdues each day, grouping same overdues

=head1 VERSION

version 0.068


  koha-claim --doit
  koha-claim --doit --to myself@tamil.fr


This script creates claim notifications to borrowers for their overdues based
on claim rules.  Notification are inserted into Koha standard notification
queue (message_queue table). They have then to be processed by
process_message_queue.pl script. The notifications group overdues. So for
example, if a borrower has 3 overdues, 1 for 10 days and 2 for 20 days, and if
you have 2 rules, one for 10 days and another one for 20 days, 2 notifications
(not 3, one for each overdue) will be prepared: the 20 days notification will
group the 2 20 days overdues.

Rules are found in C<ClaimRules> Koha system preference.

  # Branch itype days action notice
  # action => 1=email, 2=debarre
  *    *   15  1   REL1
  MAIN *   25  1   REL1
  *    BK  40  1   REL1
  *    *   55  1   REL1
  *    *   75  1   REL1
  *    *   85  1   REL4
  *    *   90  1   REL1

This script MUST be run every day. It matches overdues on a exact number of
days of overdue.

Without C<--doit> parameter, the notifications are sent to the terminal (stdout)
rather than to the notification queue.

The notifications are entered in Koha in Tools > Notifications. Items
information must be enclosed into <items> </items> tag. For example:

  Library <<branches.branchname>>
  <<branches.branchzip>> <<branches.branchcity>>
  Miss, Madam, Sir,
  This is overdue:
    Title:       <<biblio.title>>
    Author:      <<biblio.author>>
    Call Number: <<items.itemcallnumber>>
    Borrowed at: <<item_branch>>
    Due date:    <<issues.date_due>>
    Type:        <<itemtypes.description>>

=head1 AUTHOR

Frédéric Demians <f.demians@tamil.fr>


This software is Copyright (c) 2022 by Fréderic Démians.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The GNU General Public License, Version 3, June 2007