Changes for version 0.045 - 2016-04-11

  • Special indexing


Generate authorities from bibliographic records
Claim overdues each day, grouping same overdues
Creates HTML keywords clouds from Koha Zebra Indexes
Dump a Koha Catalog
Index Koha biblio/authority records
Insert/update/delete records into Koha Zebra server
Populates EDITORS authorities based on biblio records
Creates sitemap files for a whole Koha DB


Various scripts to manage Koha instances
Authorities loader into a Koha instance
Task extracting authorities from biblio records
Find Koha authorities from an ISO2709 file
Task linking biblio records to authorities
Task loading authorities into a Koha instance
Base class for managing authorities manipulations
Class dumping a Koha Catalog
Class doing Zebra Koha indexing
Class implementing a Koha records indexer daemon
Class exposing info about a Koha instance.
Base class pour logger
Koha biblio/authority records reader
Class generating keywords clouds from Koha Zebra indexes