0.312  2016-03-07
  * Fix typo in docs
  * Links to more implementations:
    * C++
    * D (Richard Farr)
    * Javascript (Mark Jubenville)

0.311  2014-03-31
  * Doc updates
  * Link to Michael Pucyk's Python implementation

0.310  2013-10-12
  * In synopsis docs, add error checking to message encoding.
    If you forget to do this and any of your messages can't be
    encoded you will have a very difficult bug to solve
    (thanks Matt Phillips)
  * Doc updates

0.300  2013-04-08
  * Backwards-incompatible change: In the log message,
    timers are now stored in an array instead of a hash.
    This is because sometimes it is convenient to not
    have to worry about giving two different timers the
    same name (usually when the names are auto-generated).

0.201  2013-03-13
  * Add new merge method
  * Add license info and github repo to meta
  * Doc updates

0.200  2013-02-15
  * Removed Log::Defer::Viz since it's getting its own
    CPAN distribution so you don't need to install its
    dependencies on your servers
  * Added verbosity option
  * Now you can pass a hashref into the constructor
    in order to support extra args (like verbosity).
    The old way is still supported too.
  * Added no-overhead debug logging (see docs)
  * Don't include MYMETA in CPAN dist
  * Doc updates

0.12   2012-07-05
  * Log::Defer::Viz ASCII art drawing of timer data

0.11   2012-06-28
  * OK now I have CPAN versions figured out :)

0.02   2012-06-28
  * Version number fix

0.1.1   2012-06-17
  * Test accidentally depended on JSON::XS

0.1   2012-06-17
  * Initial release