0.805   2017-02-13
  * New parameter to Server constructor: name. This will be used
    to set the process name via $0 so you can see which process is
    which in the ps(1) output.

0.804   2017-02-12
  * Bugfix for hung worker timeout not destroying object quickly

0.803   2017-02-12
  * Bugfix for timeout errors thrown by checkout with Log::Defer
    objects installed.

0.802   2015-10-23
  * Stop using AnyEvent::Strict in the tests. It creates an
    AE timer at compile time, therefore initializing the event
    loop before we've had a chance to fork our server.
  * Before forking in fork_task_server, assert that the AE
    loop hasn't been initialized.

0.801   2014-02-15
  * Bugfix: Fix memory leak of client objects.
  * Change: Make hung worker timeout actually terminate the
    worker to free up resources immediately.

0.800   2014-02-15
  * Backwards-incompatible change: When multiple requests are
    queued up on a checkout, if one of the requests throws an
    error all the pending requests are removed from the queue.
    This makes a non-nested sequence of method-calls on a
    checkout less dangerous and more like the synchronous code
    it is mimicing.
  * Removed vestigal parts of an undocumented feature that was
    broken several releases ago: In non-void context, methods
    on a checkout used to return a guard that when destroyed
    would cancel the remote method call. Instead, now you should
    use the throw_fatal_error method on the checkout. The checkout
    will then throw errors every time it is accessed and should
    be discarded.
  * Documented max_checkouts feature for coping with memory leaks
  * Major documentation updates

0.750   2013-04-08
  * Backwards-incompatible change: The behaviour enabled by the
    undocumented client option added in the previous release,
    refork_after_error, is now the default behaviour. Instead
    there is a new option called dont_refork_after_error to get
    back the original behaviour.
  * If log_defer_object is passed in when creating a checkout,
    operations on this checkout are recorded as Log::Defer
    timer events
  * Major documentation updates, including working SYNOPSIS

0.720   2013-03-14
  * Integration with Log::Defer so workers can log stuff and
    it shows up in the client logs
  * Complete the implementation of worker error recovery
  * Remove undocumented "sk" protocol feature
  * Big test-suite refactor/improvements
  * Lots more/better docs, including for error handling/logging

0.700   2013-02-27
  * 2 tests were missing from manifest
  * License and github meta info
  * Diagnostics and timeout bump in test to debug some
    cpan-tester environments
  * Remove MYMETA files from distribution
  * Bugfix: Worker was using default JSON::XS settings instead
    of utf-8 mode
  * Add unicode test
  * Document error handling with Callback::Frame
  * Remove scary "the api might change" warning. I think we're
    pretty much stable now
  * Misc doc edits

0.602   2012-12-13
  * Exceptions in setup callback are now propagated to client
  * Minor doc updates (more coming)

0.601   2012-10-31
  * Bugfix in surge test

0.600   2012-10-09
  * Switch version number format
  * Fix missing dependencies
  * New tests
  * Allow checkouts to be aborted at any time by clients

0.5.1   2012-06-18
  * Initial release