Asterisk CoroManager
by Fredrik Liljegren <>

This is an almost complete makeover of Asterisk::Manager, although the
API is quite similar.  It is now event-based and uses Coro for
continuations, Coro::AnyEvent for event handling.

NB: I have only tested Asterisk::CoroManager with Coro::EV installed
(AnyEvent choses based on what event handler is loaded and what is

I decided to release this as a separate package (rather than asking to
have it included in asterisk-perl) since it has heavy dependancies
that are not relevant for the other asterisk-perl modules.

I am available on the asterisk-perl mailing list.  You can subscribe
by sending an empty email to

Documentation is available in pod: perldoc Asterisk::CoroManager

To install these modules just do:
	perl Build.PL
        ./Build test
        ./Build install

There is a simple example usage in examples/