TOML::XS::Document - Object representation of a TOML document




Instances of this class represent a parse of a TOML document.

This class is not directly instantiable.


$ = OBJ->parse( @POINTER )

Returns some part of the parsed TOML document as a Perl scalar. If the read of the TOML structure encounters a malformed data point an exception is thrown.

If @POINTER is empty, then the return will be the entire parsed TOML document, represented as a hash reference.

@POINTER, if given, refers to some part of the document: $POINTER[0] is a key in the document’s top-level table, $POINTER[1] references some piece of the structure beneath it, etc. If @POINTER refers to a nonexistent part of the document then a suitable exception is thrown.

All elements of @POINTER must be character strings.

As of now thrown exceptions are simple character strings that include, where relevant, a JSON pointer to the problematic data point.