#!perl -w

use strict;
use warnings;
use LWP::UserAgent; 
use LWPx::TimedHTTP qw(:autoinstall);
use URI;

our @TIMINGS = qw(Client-Request-Dns-Time Client-Request-Connect-Time Client-Request-Transmit-Time Client-Response-Server-Time Client-Response-Receive-Time);
our $EXIT    = 0;
$SIG{INT} = sub { $EXIT++ };

=head1 NAME

fastly_speed_test - benchmark the speed difference between a site cached by Fastly

=head1 USAGE

    fastly_speed_test [--runs <number of runs>] <url> [fastly domain]
Default number of runs is 10.

my $runs = 10;
while (@ARGV && $ARGV[0] =~ /^-+(.+)/) {
    my $name = $1; shift;
    my $val  = shift || die "You must pass in a param to $name\n";
    if ("runs" eq $name) {
        $runs = $val;
        die "Runs must be more than 0\n" unless $runs>0;

my $url    = shift || die "You must pass in a url\n";
my $plain  = URI->new($url);
my $host   = URI->new(shift || "$plain")->host;
my $fastly = $plain->clone; $fastly->host("$host.a.prod.fastly.net");

print "Benchmarking $plain vs $fastly over $runs runs\n\n";

my %plain_results;
my %fastly_results;
my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new; 
foreach my $run (0..$runs) {
    print "Run $run    \r";
    my $pr = $ua->get($plain); 
    my $fr = $ua->get($fastly); 
    next unless $run; # give them a chance to warm the cache
    foreach my $timing (@TIMINGS) {
        $plain_results{$timing}  += 0+$pr->header($timing);
        $fastly_results{$timing} += 0+$fr->header($timing);
        $plain_results{'total'}  += 0+$pr->header($timing);
        $fastly_results{'total'} += 0+$fr->header($timing);
    last if $EXIT;
print "         \r";
print "  Timing     Plain/s     Fastly/s    Diff\n";
foreach my $timing ((@TIMINGS, 'total')) {
    print "---------------------------------------------\n" if $timing eq $TIMINGS[0] || $timing eq 'total';
    my $name    = (split('-', $timing))[2] || $timing; 
    my $plaint  = $plain_results{$timing}/$runs;
    my $fastlyt = $fastly_results{$timing}/$runs;
    my $diff    = $fastlyt - $plaint;
    printf "%8s  %8s    %8s    %8s\n", $name, sprintf("%.3f",$plaint), sprintf("%.3f",$fastlyt), sprintf("%.3f", $diff);


Copyright 2011 - Fastly Inc

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