Revision history for Perl extension CGI::Application::Plugin::ValidateRM.

2.5 June 10th, 2012
    New features, thanks to Michael Peters (RT#46258):
    - Support for using an alternative HTML::FillInForm class
      via param dfv_fif_class.
    - Support for supplying defaults for HTML::FillInForm->fill
      via param dfv_fif_defaults.

2.4 July 20th, 2011
    No functional changes.

    Fixed Perl 5.12 compatibility, thanks to Nicholas Bamber.  (RT#67894)

    Also, some other code-cleanup.

2.3 Wed Oct 22 23:05:29 EDT 2008
    - Fix broken test in t/forward.t  (#35056)
    No code changes. 

2.2 Tue Apr 29 10:44:57 EDT 2008
    - Fix test failure by requiring at least HTML::FillInForm 1.07 (RT#35056)
      No code changes. 

2.1 Sun Jul 31 21:17:23 EST 2005

    - Added experimental support for ::Forward;

2.00 Tue Jul 19 22:01:35 EST 2005

    - Added new syntax for calling check_rm() in scalar context, returning just
      the $result object.

    - Added accessor method for the error page, named check_rm_error_page() and aliased
      as dfv_error_page().

    - Added dfv_results() accessor method, primarily of interest to other plug-in authors. 

    - Switched back to exporting by default, but you can still explicitly
      import if you want to. 

1.22 Sun Nov 28 22:24:03 EST 2004
    (No code changes)
   - Update SIGNATURE to use key that hopefully works. 

1.21 Mon Sep  6 09:01:30 EST 2004
   - Added example of using dfv_defaults

1.20 ??
   - renamed from ::ValidateRM to ::Plugin::ValidateRM
   - changed export policy to not export by default. 

1.12 Sat May 08 2004
    - Options can now be passed through to HTML::FillInForm (Gabor Szabo)
    - tests cleaned up to be more sensible

1.11 Thu Feb 26 2004
    - Document appropriate support mailing list

1.10 Mon Dec 01 2003
    - CGI::Carp is no longer used. (Steve Hay)

    - Module::Build is no longer required for installation 

    - support has been added for returning scalar refs from
      the run mode being validated. (Steve Hay)

    - use of eval / die has been minimized a bit. (Steve Hay)

1.07 Wed Oct 15 2003
    - Documentation improvements (William McKee)

1.06 Fri Aug 01 2003
	- Syntax fix to work with Perl 5.005. (Fred Kleindenst)

1.05 Sun Jun 22 2003 
	- Improved examples in documentation (Mike Fragassi)
	  No functionality changes. 

1.04 Tue May 27 2003
 	- Fixed Build.PL syntax problem (Mike Fragassi)

1.03 Sun May 11 2003
	- Added check_rm, which returns the results as a
	  Data::FormValidator::Results object.

	- New Feature: Support for supplying defaults to the Data::FormValidator
      new() constructor by using the 'dfv_defaults' parameter.

	- New Feature: The profile can now be provided as the name of
	  a CGI::Application method which returns the appropriate hash reference. 
	- Also note that non-backwards compatible changes were made to D::FV's msgs
      interface. Although it doesn't affect the interface of this module,
	  non-backwards compatible changes were made to accomodate it.

1.00 Sun Apr 20
	- New Feature: added support for Data::FormValidator's new custom error
	  message facility. This version is /not/ backwards compatible.
	  Some has the functionality of this module is now available in

0.02  Sat Apr 12  
	- Bug Fix: options passed through vrm param weren't being respected
	(Neil Mansilla)

0.01  Sat Mar 29 07:46:31 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19