Revision history for Perl module Math::Random::MT::Perl

1.15 2015-11-27
   - Bugfix: should not ignore seed value of 0 (reported by Maxim Tyukov)
   - Exclude MYMETA files from tarball (#108108, reported by Alexandr Ciornii)

1.14 2015-10-19
   - Stricter Kwalitee directory testing (#107821, reported by Slaven Rezić)
   - Moved some non-essential tests to xt/ (#101282, reported by Slaven Rezić)

1.13 2013-10-30
    - Changes file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec (#88672, patch by Neil Bowers)

1.12 2013-09-14
    - Improvement of unit tests, restored some as author-side only (#88637)

1.11 2013-05-31
    - Improvement of unit tests

1.10 2012-08-06
    - made set_seed() return the seed, as does Math::Random::MT
    - migrated test suite to Test::More and Test::Number::Delta

1.09 2012-06-04
    - added the irand() function to draw random integers, as in Math::Random::MT

1.08 2012-05-28
    - synchronised the autoseeding mechanism with that of Math::Random::MT that
      is more elegant and portable

1.07 2012-01-19
    - synchronised the autoseeding mechanism with that of Math::Random::MT

1.06 2009-09-04
    - added ability to automatically and rapidly generate different seeds and
      return it to allow the generation of identical random number series

1.05 Tues June 3 2008
    - new build process mostly kwalitee specified test metrics and fixes

1.04 2008-05-24
    - are we there yet? apparently not. fix breakage on BSD with perl 5.005
      where use of "our" is deprecated caused total failure.
    - minor documentation fixes
    - added to in /t for comparing performance to
      Math::Random::MT. you can only run them if you can install both versions
      and if you can do that you don't really need this module!

1.03 2008-05-24
    - patched test files to limit floating point to 12 sig figures and avoid
      spurious test failures on 64 bit systems which return longer floating
      point numbers that 32 bit builds (18 digits vs 15).with underlying
      integers from 0..2**32-1 there are actually only 10 sig figs.
    - reversed the ok(expected,got) test format acquired from
      Math::Random::MTto the correct ok(got,expected) order so the test
      failures read correctly.

1.02 2008-05-23
    - implemented & 0xffffffff where required to constrain integers to
      32 bits on 64 bit systems. thanks to almut from perlmonks for the
      testing and the solution.

1.01  Thur May 22 2008
    - implemented array of seeds to complete compatability with C version
    - added script to /t which "proves" output identical to C
      where proves means produces the same output over > 10e8 runs
    - added extra test to 5.t that demonstrated an issue with array laver

1.00 2008-05-20 17:03:16
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
        -AX Math::Random::MT::Perl