2.019102 2019-04-27
 - inc'ed Inline::Module can now do parallel build

2.019101 2019-04-27
 - ::HDF still "use"s ::VS and ::SD, but not vice versa
 - rename buildfunc.pm to buildfunc.noinst so not installed
 - simplify builds with Inline::Module + Inline::Pdlapp, should be invisible

2.019100 2019-04-21
 - updated from pdl master
 - metadata, spellings, portability (object suffix)
 - now including <mfhdf.h>

v2.013006 Sun Aug 30 16:01:47 BST 2015
 - split out of PDLA, dep on PDLA::Core
 - use Alien::HDF4 which has code that was in this
 - use Test::More
 - use Github Travis CI

v2.0 Sun Mar 27 12:00:00 BST 2006
 - taken over by Judd Taylor, judd@marine.usf.edu
 - "Chunking" added: HDF internal tiling and compression on the SD datasets
 - defuncted several functions with strange (perhaps French) spellings
 - fortran array dim order -> C order
 - migrated all failure codes to return 'undef'
 - migrated all of the perl hashes to anonymous hashes.
 - removed and internally doc'd possible buffer overflows
 - moved constants over to 'use constant'
 - moved all of the tests over to 'use Test'
 - added tests for the SDS chunking features.

v1.0 Sun Feb 13 12:00:00 BST 2001
 - original version