Changes for Perl extension Pod-Tests

1.20      2019-03-02 20:48:22Z
        - distribution tooling updates
        - mark distribution as deprecated, in favour of Test-Inline

1.19      2008-07-12
	- Moving to a production version
	- Changing to Module::Install to simplify maintenance
	- Updating perl dependency to 5.005
	- Updated author tests
	- Some slight changes to resolve Kwalitee issues
	- Stopped using MANIFEST for the tests
	- Various minor whitespace and layout tweaks

0.18      2005-09-22
	- Some last minor whitespace changes
	- Moving to stable build now I have feedback from testers
	- Reversion to Pod::Tests namespace complete

0.17_01   2005-09-17
	- Superceded by Test::Inline 2.0
	- For compatibility reasons, split out a Pod-Tests dist from the
	  main Test-Inline dist. This is now Pod::Tests again.
	- Cleaned up some Pod to reflect the changes.
	- Various other minor changes from the splitting out process

0.16      2003-12-18
	- Fixed binmode on STDOUT/STDERR  (thanks Max Maischein)

0.15      2002-04-11
	- Hacked in a solution for when code tries to redirect STDOUT or
	  STDERR.  The behavior when redirecting STDOUT & STDERR is
	  currently *UNDEFINED* but at least it doesn't blow up.
	- Off-by-some line number bugs now fixed.  Embedded tests should
	  report correct line numbers.  __LINE__ should now be correct.

0.14      2002-02-28
	- pod2test now provides an $Original_File
	- Fixed handling of "print STDERR ..." in tests
	- Fixed $_STDERR_ and $_STDOUT_ so they clear themselves
	  between test blocks (bug reported by Wolfgang Weisselberg)
	- Some point between Test::More 0.30 and 0.33 it became unsafe
	  to redirect STDOUT/STDERR in tests.  This broke pod2test.
	  The minimum version of Test::More has been uped (again, thanks

0.13      2002-02-18
	- pod2test now exits with 1 if it doesn't find any embedded tests

0.12      2001-11-12
	- An excuse to upload a new version to CPAN to get this back
	  on the indexes.

0.11      2001-08-30
	- Fixed a bug in the testifypods example in Test::Inline::Tutorial
	- pod2test will not generate a test file for POD which has no
	  embedded tests.
	- Testing code examples no longer considered experimental

0.10      2001-08-29
	- Pod::Tests is now officially named Test::Inline
	- Pod::Tests::Tutorial renamed Test::Inline::Tutorial
	- Tests are now lexically isolated
	- Works back to 5.004 now (Thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)
	- "=also begin example" is now "=for example begin"

0.08      2001-08-13
	- Now reporting the line numbers of the orignal POD entries in
	- Put in warning about tests being lexically isolated next version.
	- Documented that "=also for example" will never work.
	- Fixed bug with tests at the very end of the file.

0.07      2001-07-18
	- oops, forgot to put the tutorial file into the MANIFEST

0.06      2001-07-17
	- Added Pod::Tests::Tutorial docs.

0.05      2001-06-29
	- Greatly extended the abilities of testing example code.

0.04      2001-06-29      *UNRELEASED*
	- Fixed a bug with pod2test puking if there's no tests
	- Added RFC 183 into the dist.
	- Fixed up testing of example code

0.03      2001-06-12
	- Now using Test::More and the no_plan feature in pod2tests
	- Multiple tests in one block supported!
	- Actually usable.

0.02      2001-03-04
	- Moved build_examples() and build_tests() to Pod::Tests
	- Fixed and documented multiple parsing.
	- Added examples
	- pod2test now installs itself
	- Documented all private methods (privately)
	- Removed bogus Pod::Parser dependency
	- Fixed and tested pod2test

0.01      2001-02-01
	- First version escaped