Revision history for MooseX-Types

0.50      2017-02-07 18:59:30Z
        - reverted the is_Fo and to_Foo refactoring again temporarily to
          resolve issues with Sub::Defer

0.49      2016-12-23 00:12:12Z
        - made the exported is_Foo and to_Foo subs much faster, especially for
          type constraints which can be inlined. (Dave Rolsky) [reverted in

0.48      2016-12-07 01:15:14Z
        - reverted is_Foo and to_Foo refactoring [from 0.47] for now, so they
          can be reworked

0.47      2016-12-07 00:40:34Z
        - allow type libraries built with MooseX::Types::Combine to be
          combined with MooseX::Types::Combine. (GH #1, Mark Fowler).
        - made the exported is_Foo and to_Foo subs much faster, especially for
          type constraints which can be inlined [reverted in 0.48,
          reimplemented in 0.49, reverted in 0.50]

0.46      2015-08-16 00:43:46Z
        - make use of Sub::Exporter::ForMethods's new rebless option

0.45      2014-09-02 01:17:50Z
        - increase the required versions of some prerequisites

0.44      2014-03-09 04:16:20Z
        - full respect for namespaces: declared types are now properly
          installed into the proper package, so they survive
          namespace::autoclean; however, types imported from the declaration
          class are still properly cleaned by namespace::autoclean (as
          implemented in trial versions 0.40-0.43)

0.43      2014-01-17 01:25:55Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
        - line numbers in shipped code are now almost the same (within 3) as
          the repository source, for easier debugging
        - skipped new namespacing tests that fail with older Moose versions,
          due to an inability to install blessed subs

0.42      2014-01-04 23:31:58Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
        - declared (not imported) types are now properly installed into the
          proper package, so they survive namespace::autoclean (fixed this

0.41      2013-12-21 17:21:41Z
        - reversed changes in 0.40, until compatibility issues with older
          Moose versions are figured out

0.40      2013-12-20 06:38:15Z
        - types are now properly installed into the proper package, so they
          survive namespace::autoclean

0.39      2013-11-30 18:31:32Z
        - more strict warnings checking in tests
        - re-release to fix compile test

0.38      2013-09-17 00:44:16Z
        - removed use of deprecated enum syntax

0.37      2013-09-08 21:58:26Z
        - removed use of deprecated Class::MOP::load_class
        - repository has moved to the GitHub Moose organization

0.36    2013-06-22 20:51:54Z
        - fixed failing tests on 5.8.5 due to incorrect == overload
        (RT#77100, Graham Knop)

0.35    2012-05-19
        - The new delegation code could fail when a type had no
          parent. Attempting to subtype Any was one way to trigger the
          bug. (Dave Rolsky)

        - The new delegation code broke calling ->can or ->isa on
          MooseX::Types::TypeDecorator as a class method. (Dave Rolsky)

0.34    2012-05-18
        - Special case new to avoid unexpected exceptions on unloaded classes

0.33    2012-05-18
        - Switch delegation order to prioritise type over class except for new

0.32    2012-05-18
        - Support delegation of methods to the class for class types
        - Factor out _try_delegate method

0.31    2011-12-22
        - Add support for qw( :all ) on MooseX::Types::Combine libraries. (kentnl)

0.30    2011-09-17
        - Fix a bug in the tests that caused failures with Moose HEAD. (doy)

0.29    2011-08-20
        - Require namespace::clean 0.19. Tests fail with 0.18. Reported by
          Ruslan Zakirov. RT #67923.

0.28    2011-08-02
        - Fixed git and bug tracking info in META.{yml,json}. Reported by
          Petter Rabbitson. (Dave Rolsky)

0.27    2011-06-06
        - A better fix for type constraint changes in Moose 2.0100. (doy)

0.26    2011-06-05
        - Small changes for forward compatibility with Moose 2.0100, when it
          is released. (Dave Rolsky)
        - Some small doc cleanup and improvements. (Dave Rolsky)

0.25    2010-11-30
        - The test suite now uses Test::Fatal instead of Test::Exception
          (Karen Etheridge).
        - Modernized tests to use Test::Requires and done_testing. (Dave
        - MooseX::Types::Combine is a little more efficient, and only tries to
          load the libraries it's combining when that list is set. It also
          checks that each lib in the list actually provides types. (Dave
        - The MooseX::Types docs now contain a pointer to
          MooseX::Types::Combine. (Dave Rolsky)

0.24    2010-09-11
        - Avoid more warnings from Moose 1.09 in tests (Dave Rolsky).

0.23    2010-07-19
        - Avoid warnings from Moose 1.09 in tests (Dave Rolsky).

0.22    2010-06-01
        - Update docs to mention MRO::Compat rather than Class::C3.
        - Added '0+' overloading to solve the type constraint equality
          regression introduced when Moose 1.05 tightened the rules
          determing type constraint equality.  Added tests for the

0.21    2009-12-23
        - Attempting to import a non-existent type from a combined type
          library gave a very confusing error message from the
          MooseX::Types::Combined internals. Now it gives you a much more
          useful message. (Dave Rolsky)
        - bump up Moose dep (RT#53016)

0.20    2009-09-10
        - fix "empty export" warning (doy).

0.19    2009-08-23
        - un-fix coercions on parameterized types, since it broke
          MooseX::Method::Signatures, as well as any other code that relied on
          new type constraint objects being generated each time a type was
          parameterized (hdp).

0.18    2009-08-22
        - fix coercions on parameterized types (Hans Dieter Pearcey).

0.17    2009-08-18
        - Documentation typo fix (Dave Rolsky).
        - Stop blowing up in has_available_type_export if the introspected code
          symbol exists but is not a type export (Florian Ragwitz).
        - Reorganize author/copyright sections at the request of Debian
          packagers (Rafael Kitover).

0.16    2009-06-29
        - Ship with Module::Install 0.91

0.15    2009-06-27
        - Change all uses of croak in TypeDecorator to use the Moose
          throw_exception method.
        - More test cases for the union mixed string type issue, and
          better handling of this in the | overload in TypeDecorator

0.14    2009-06-26
        - Fix union with string type

0.13    2009-06-23
        - Add Test::Moose to build_requires for Fedora

0.12    2009-06-14
        - fix mixing of typelibs with regular Moose classes

0.11    2009-05-23
        - warning on string types and unregistered class/role types
        - better error for missing comma
        - MooseX::Types::Combine for combining type libs

0.10    2009-03-06
        - Removed unneeded debugging code from one of the tests, which was
          causing installation errors for people that didn't already have
          Data::Dump installed. (jjnapiork)

0.09    2009-03-03
        - Added MooseX::Types::Util::has_available_type_export($p, $n) to
          allow introspection of available types for other libraries wanting
          to use type export names for type specifications.

0.08    2008-12-09
        - Added experimental support for recursive type constraints.  Pod and
          tests for this feature.  Let the madness begin.
        - Documentation updates.
        - Workaround test case for the SUb::Exporter compatibility issue.  Also
          documented in Pod.

0.07    2008-10-07
        - Bumped minimum allowed Moose version to fix problem with overloading
          on some versions of Perl
        - Tiny documentation updates.

0.06    2008-10-24
        - Added support for parameterized types and type unions, tests for all
        that and documentation updates.

0.05    2008-02-19
        - moved export mechanism to Sub::Exporter. ::Base contains
          a bunch of wrapping logic to allow the export-along functionality
          for the helper symbols
        - removed vestigial load of Sub::UpLevel since it breaks
          the argument display in confess()

0.04    2007-08-09
        - Automatically set strict and warnings like Moose does

0.03    2007-08-09
        - Minor POD typo correction
        - Added some error messages for wrong type names
        - Coercion handler not exported without type object
        - Moved from Class::Inspector to Class::MOP::load_class

0.02    2007-08-08
        - Changed declaration to croak when it sees '::' in a typename

0.01    2007-08-08
        - Initial release