This is the Perl distribution Dist-Zilla-Role-ModuleMetadata.

Installing Dist-Zilla-Role-ModuleMetadata is straightforward.

## Installation with cpanm

If you have cpanm, you only need one line:

    % cpanm Dist::Zilla::Role::ModuleMetadata

If it does not have permission to install modules to the current perl, cpanm
will automatically set up and install to a local::lib in your home directory.
See the local::lib documentation ( for
details on enabling it in your environment.

## Installing with the CPAN shell

Alternatively, if your CPAN shell is set up, you should just be able to do:

    % cpan Dist::Zilla::Role::ModuleMetadata

## Manual installation

As a last resort, you can manually install it. Download the tarball, untar it,
then build it:

    % perl Build.PL
    % ./Build && ./Build test

Then install it:

    % ./Build install

Or the more portable variation:

    % perl Build.PL
    % perl Build
    % perl Build test
    % perl Build install

If your perl is system-managed, you can create a local::lib in your home
directory to install modules to. For details, see the local::lib documentation:

The prerequisites of this distribution will also have to be installed manually. The
prerequisites are listed in one of the files: `MYMETA.yml` or `MYMETA.json` generated
by running the manual build process described above.

## Documentation

Dist-Zilla-Role-ModuleMetadata documentation is available as POD.
You can run `perldoc` from a shell to read the documentation:

    % perldoc Dist::Zilla::Role::ModuleMetadata
For more information on installing Perl modules via CPAN, please see: