use strict;
use warnings;
package Dist::Zilla::Role::FileWatcher; # git description: v0.005-17-ge7b35a0
# ABSTRACT: Receive notification when something changes a file's contents
# KEYWORDS: plugin build file change notify checksum watch monitor immutable lock
# vim: set ts=8 sts=4 sw=4 tw=115 et :

our $VERSION = '0.006';

use Moose::Role;
use Safe::Isa;
use Dist::Zilla::Role::File::ChangeNotification;
use namespace::autoclean;

sub watch_file
    my ($self, $file, $on_changed) = @_;

        or $self->log_fatal('watch_file was not passed a valid file object');

        if not $file->$_does('Dist::Zilla::Role::File::ChangeNotification');

    my $plugin = $self;
    $file->on_changed(sub {
        my $self = shift;


sub lock_file
    my ($self, $file, $message) = @_;

        or $self->log_fatal('lock_file was not passed a valid file object');

    $message ||= 'someone tried to munge ' . $file->name
        . ' after we read from it. You need to adjust the load order of your plugins!';

        sub {
            my $me = shift;

around dump_config => sub
    my ($orig, $self) = @_;
    my $config = $self->$orig;

    $config->{+__PACKAGE__} = {
        version => __PACKAGE__->VERSION,

    return $config;




=encoding UTF-8

=head1 NAME

Dist::Zilla::Role::FileWatcher - Receive notification when something changes a file's contents

=head1 VERSION

version 0.006


    package Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MyPlugin;
    use Moose;
    with 'Dist::Zilla::Role::SomeRole', 'Dist::Zilla::Role::FileWatcher';

    sub some_phase
        my $self = shift;

        my (file) = grep { $_->name eq 'some_name' } @{$self->zilla->files};
        # ... do something with this file ...

        $self->lock_file($file, 'KEEP OUT!');

        # or:

            sub {
                my ($plugin, $file) = @_;
                ... do something with the file object ...


This is a role for L<Dist::Zilla> plugins which gives you a mechanism for
detecting and acting on files changing their content. This is useful if your
plugin performs an action based on a file's content (perhaps copying that
content to another file), and then later in the build process, that source
file's content is later modified.

=head1 METHODS

This role adds the following methods to your plugin class:

=head2 C<watch_file($file, $subref)>

This method takes two arguments: the C<$file> object to watch, and a
subroutine which is invoked when the file's contents change. It is called as a
method on your plugin, and is passed one additional argument: the C<$file>
object that changed.

=head2 C<lock_file($file, $message?)>

This method takes the C<$file> object to watch, and an optional message
string; when the file is modified after it is locked, the build dies.

=head1 SUPPORT

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Bugs may be submitted through L<the RT bug tracker|>
(or L<|>).
I am also usually active on irc, as 'ether' at C<>.

=head1 SEE ALSO

=over 4

=item *

L<Dist::Zilla::Role::File::ChangeNotification> - in this distribution, the underlying implementation for watching the file

=item *


=item *



=head1 AUTHOR

Karen Etheridge <>


=for stopwords Yanick Champoux

Yanick Champoux <>


This software is copyright (c) 2013 by Karen Etheridge.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.