Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ModuleBuildTiny-Fallback

0.027     2022-04-30 19:53:27Z
          - revert the use of List::Keywords, for now

0.026     2022-04-15 02:44:40Z
          - warning messages shown to the user are text-wrapped to 78 chars
          - warn about a possible missing [ShareDir]

0.025     2017-03-05 01:31:22Z
          - fix test failure that occurs in combination with a particular
            version of Log::Dispatch (due to loading Devel::Confess)

0.024     2017-02-28 02:54:46Z
          - fix test to not rely on . in @INC

0.023     2016-03-13 00:12:36Z
          - provide more information when failing due to something else having
            already modified Build.PL

0.022     2015-11-09 04:19:35Z
          - be more tolerant in regexp of text produced by Data::Dumper
          (in test added in 0.021)

0.021     2015-11-07 07:28:46Z
          - when Module::Build runs instead of Module::Build::Tiny, now
          capturing all errors (from MBT or other configure prerequisites)
          and printing them

0.020     2015-08-20 01:08:45Z
          - use TODO around tests that fail on perl 5.8.x due to the buggy
            handling of qr/...$/m

0.019     2015-08-18 01:05:07Z
          - fixed formatting of quoted Build.PL by marking a verbatim section,
            rather than simply indenting by 4 columns
          - fixed the inverted check of PERL_MB_FALLBACK_SILENCE_WARNING
            (broken since 0.016)

0.018     2015-07-12 22:45:04Z
          - pass all extra options along to [ModuleBuild] and
            [ModuleBuildTiny], not just default_jobs

0.017     2015-06-11 03:53:35Z
          - fix new test that breaks with older Build.PL-providing plugins
            that did not create Build.PL at file gathering time

0.016     2015-06-10 04:20:18Z
          - if PERL_MB_FALLBACK_SILENCE_WARNING is set, do not sleep after
            "showing" the silenced warning
          - if another plugin added content at the head of Build.PL, it is
            preserved at the head when we wrap the remaining content with new

0.015     2015-01-24 06:37:33Z
          - remove the noisy "Congratulations!" in Build.PL when the
            installation environment is properly configured

0.014     2014-11-14 03:19:43Z
          - and another (sigh)

0.013     2014-11-14 01:24:36Z
          - avoid more test failures with older [ModuleBuildTiny]

0.012     2014-11-12 05:34:24Z
          - avoid test failure with older [ModuleBuildTiny]

0.011     2014-11-11 06:45:37Z
          - now checks if all configure prereqs are installed, not just
          - warn the user if something else added content to Build.PL,
            which might make it not a good idea to use this plugin

0.010     2014-11-02 05:47:11Z
          - keep Build.PL in the file list between phases to allow other
            plugins to add to its content

0.009     2014-10-02 04:55:27Z
          - more fixes as in 0.008 and 0.007

0.008     2014-09-28 01:59:03Z
          - fix test failure caused by unstated assumption that
            Dist::Zilla::Role::TestRunner is a very recent version

0.007     2014-09-14 01:36:01Z
          - fix breakage caused by unstated assumption that
            Dist::Zilla::Role::TestRunner is a very recent version

0.006     2014-09-06 01:18:50Z
          - now dumping config data for [MetaConfig], including the configs
            used by [ModuleBuild] and [ModuleBuildTiny] (composed by this
          - ensure 'use strict; use warnings;' remains near the top of
            Build.PL, as some plugins use it as a matching point for adding
            new content

0.005     2014-06-08 06:12:39Z
          - lowered default minimum Module::Build version from 0.3601 to 0.28,
            to handle more legacy systems; documented the configuration
            options better

0.004     2014-06-06 05:37:01Z
          - add 'mb_version', 'mbt_version' options, for specifying the
            minimum required version of Module::Build and Module::Build::Tiny

0.003     2014-05-29 21:47:58Z
          - skip [ModuleBuild]'s configure_requires declaration, because if
            Module::Build is running, the prereqs were being ignored anyway

0.002     2014-05-23 07:47:57Z
          - minor doc fixes
          - handle some potential future changes to [ModuleBuild],

0.001     2014-05-22 07:31:17Z
          - Initial release.