Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-MakeMaker-Fallback

0.030     2018-09-16 05:39:52Z
          - bump prereq of [MakeMaker::Awesome] to ensure options are fixed

0.029     2018-08-25 05:43:12Z
          - fix handling of options defined in [MakeMaker::Awesome]

0.028     2018-08-16 03:15:58Z
          - add new skip_release_testing configuration option, for the rare
            distribution where running 'make test' alongside './Build test'
            (which only happened when RELEASE_TESTING=1) is a really really
            bad idea.

0.027     2018-06-17 23:55:09Z
          - fix test failures with Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MakeMaker::Awesome
            0.43 (and later) due to a change in its Makefile.PL template

0.026     2017-12-11 03:01:32Z
          - warning messages shown to the user are text-wrapped to 78 chars
          - fix printing the Makefile.PL warning during 'dzil run' (and other
            -BuildRunner operations), by eliminating a double build where it
            is not needed

0.025     2017-10-08 20:33:24Z
          - disable printing the Makefile.PL warning during 'dzil test
            --release' and 'dzil release' operations, which run Makefile.PL as
            well as Build.PL

0.024     2017-10-01 22:01:52Z
          - always display warning message (unless environment variable used
            to silence it), and dump the errors resulting from loading
            configure-requires prereqs
          - no longer block parent class's register_prereqs method, so
            configure-require prereqs used in Makefile.PL are added to the
            distribution (overcomes issue when File::ShareDir::Install is
            needed by Makefile.PL but not Module::Build::Tiny, which uses its
            own mechanism)

0.023     2016-06-22 05:07:29Z
          - display more diagnostics if 'perl Build.PL' failed to properly
            execute in tests

0.022     2016-03-20 00:47:39Z
          - regexp patterns tweaked that are used when Makefile.PL is munged,
            to be more resilient against future layout changes

0.021     2015-09-20 18:27:55Z
          - fix test that broke when [MakeMaker::Awesome] 0.35 added configs

0.020     2015-08-18 00:26:46Z
          - fixed formatting of quoted Build.PL by marking a verbatim section,
            rather than simply indenting by 4 columns
          - remove the noisy "Congratulations!" in Makefile.PL when the
            installation environment is properly configured

0.019     2015-07-21 06:40:57Z
          - fix silly error in Makefile.PL :(

0.018     2015-07-21 03:06:06Z
          - add dynamic prereq on [MakeMaker::Awesome] to upgrade it in case
            it is too old to work with newer [MakeMaker]

0.017     2015-06-10 01:47:27Z
          - if PERL_MM_FALLBACK_SILENCE_WARNING is set, do not sleep after
            "showing" the silenced warning
          - guard against older ExtUtils::MakeMaker from adding Build.PL
            to the default list of files that are executed

0.016     2014-11-12 05:36:19Z
          - bump up prereq version for [MakeMaker::Awesome] to ensure needed
            template variables are made available

0.015     2014-11-12 03:53:50Z
          - remove configure requires declarations added for Makefile.PL
            (technically they are only needed when configure requires is
            already not being respected)

0.014     2014-10-29 02:44:49Z
          - document the double testing behaviour that changed with version
            0.007 (thanks for noticing, Apocalypse!)
          - remove perl from the list of configure requires prereqs to check
            for in Makefile.PL

0.013     2014-08-16 00:02:55Z
          - fix test from previous release's fix that was incompatible with
            earlier versions of [MakeMaker]'s practice of always setting

0.012     2014-08-14 02:03:30Z
          - fix munging of "use ExtUtils::MakeMaker <version>" since
            [MakeMaker::Awesome] version 0.22 changed the template
          - lower minimum version of perl required by removing a use of \N in
            a regular expression

0.011     2014-08-07 02:27:53Z
          - properly include %configure_requires content in Makefile.PL
            (broken under Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MakeMaker::Awesome 0.23,
            released 2014-07-30).

0.010     2014-06-07 06:29:43Z
          - print a useful log message during dzil test --verbose
          - "use ExtUtils::MakeMaker <version>" now stripped out of
            Makefile.PL, to allow non-configure-requires-compliant
            installers to still proceed

0.009     2014-03-24 03:52:26Z
          - fix test which should be skipped when an optional prereq is not

0.008     2014-03-23 02:43:22Z
          - properly dump configs by resolving silent role composition sub
            clobbering issue

0.007     2014-03-09 05:35:08Z
          - switch to renamed form of now-deprecated plugin
          - "dzil test" will run tests without extra testing variables, for
            "dzil release" or "dzil test --release" -- this will weed out test
            issues that only manifest when AUTHOR_TESTING or RELEASE_TESTING
            are *not* set (e.g. bad test count, conditional module loading).

0.006     2014-01-25 03:52:42Z
          - now sorting the dumped %configure_requires prereqs, for
            minimizing diffs between releases

0.005     2013-12-14 17:25:20Z
          - warnings can now be bypassed entirely with the
            PERL_MM_FALLBACK_SILENCE_WARNING environment variable
          - now also mentioning the relevant configuration

0.004     2013-11-20 21:49:00Z
          - tighten up the interactive terminal detection logic

0.003     2013-10-15 01:26:28Z
          - only display the warning if configure_require prereqs are
            genuinely missing (the user may have explicitly chosen to run
            Makefile.PL) (RT#89434)

0.002     2013-09-25 02:15:24Z
          - bump up dependency on [MakeMaker::Awesome] to avoid missing lib

0.001     2013-09-22 21:33:34Z
          - Initial release.