Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-MakeMaker-Awesome

0.49      2021-09-04 20:21:07Z
  - switched from MooseX::Types to Types::Standard
  - extracted the hashref of template arguments out to a sub
    ("template_arguments") to allow for method modification (RT#137585)

0.48      2019-04-27 05:03:11Z
  - ensure DOTFILES and DOTDIRS are copied over from shared dirs during
    install, matching the behaviour of <Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MakeMaker>.

0.47      2018-07-11 03:33:49Z
  - fix test failures in various plugins caused by innocent changes in 0.46

0.46      2018-07-10 00:01:27Z
  - build now dies when multiple MakeMaker plugins are mistakenly used

0.45      2018-06-24 00:24:47Z
  - revert removal of underscores from eumm_version when injecting into
    configure-requires prereqs and WriteMakefile arguments (0.44)

0.44      2018-06-18 00:50:40Z
  - also use quotes when testing ExtUtils::MakeMaker for the existence of
    various features
  - underscores are removed from eumm_version before injecting into
    configure-requires prereqs and WriteMakefile arguments

0.43      2018-06-17 20:04:47Z
  - quotes are used around eumm_version when necessary to ensure the proper
    version check is done

0.42      2018-05-03 02:47:37Z
  - fix for Dist::Zilla 7: ensure that the proper directory is used
    for reading header and footer files

0.41      2018-01-28 02:24:20Z
  - fix test that fails on MSWin32, by using makefile args properly

0.40      2018-01-23 05:12:34Z
  - fix test that fails on older Dist::Zilla (< 5.014)

0.39      2017-10-01 20:32:33Z
  - avoid uninit warnings with undef prereq versions

0.38      2016-03-25 02:25:51Z
  - revert some unhelpful whitespace changes that hinder other plugins from
    munging the Makefile.PL template

0.37      2016-03-22 03:11:04Z
  - now rejecting version ranges in prereqs if eumm_version is not specified
    to be high enough (7.1101) to guarantee it can be handled

0.36      2016-03-13 00:05:01Z
  - fix tests that fail on perl 5.8.x due to the buggy handling of qr/...$/m

0.35      2015-09-19 21:51:21Z
  - sort EXE_FILES list in MakeMaker arguments
  - a more helpful error is given when something else pruned Makefile.PL after
    it was gathered
  - new 'header_file', 'footer_file' configuration options

0.34      2015-05-21 02:46:56Z
  - issue a warning when version ranges are passed through to
    ExtUtils::MakeMaker, which cannot parse them and treats them as '0'
  - omit EXE_FILES argument to WriteMakefile() if there are no such files

0.33      2015-01-03 20:55:21Z
  - re-release to fix problematic $VERSION declaration (RT#101095)

0.32      2014-12-10 02:19:22Z
   - eliminated all uses of Moose::Autobox
   - avoid ever requiring v0 of ExtUtils::MakeMaker

0.31      2014-10-10 05:25:42Z
   - fix failing tests on 5.8.x

0.30      2014-10-09 02:53:56Z
   - use a listref for AUTHOR argument to WriteMakefile(), but only when the
     EUMM version available is already high enough to accomodate it

0.29      2014-10-08 04:26:08Z
   - retain MIN_PERL_VERSION argument to WriteMakefile()
   - extract the minimum perl requirement from all prereq phases, not just

0.28      2014-10-02 04:31:44Z
   - fix test failure caused by unstated assumption that
     Dist::Zilla::Role::TestRunner is a very recent version
   - fix uninitialized warning on 5.10.x and earlier

0.27      2014-09-17 03:22:49Z
    - fix test failures (since 0.25) with older versions of [MakeMaker]
    - new 'delimiter' option, which allows the use of leading whitespace in
      'header', 'footer' and 'WriteMakefile_args' strings

0.26      2014-09-16 02:20:28Z
    - new 'preamble' and 'postamble' options renamed to 'header' and 'footer',
      to avoid confusion with MY::preamble and MY::postamble

0.25      2014-09-13 21:17:40Z
    - add new 'preamble' and 'postamble' options, as well as overridable
      builder subs, for inserting code at the top and bottom of Makefile.PL

0.24      2014-08-14 02:07:13Z
    - add x_breaks metadata, and a test that checks it, for
      [MakeMaker::Fallback] versions that we broke with our changes to
      eumm_version handling

0.23      2014-07-30 02:37:52Z
    - create Makefile.PL at filegatherer phase, to allow other plugins to see
      the file earlier

0.22      2014-07-29 04:51:13Z
    - fix for Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MakeMaker 5.020 dropping a default required
      version for ExtUtils::MakeMaker
    - now omitting BUILD_REQUIRES, TEST_REQUIRES in Makefile.PL when empty

0.21      2014-07-28 04:00:35Z
    - *INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE*: the 'test_dirs' sub and '_build_test_dirs' method
      have been renamed to 'test_files' and '_build_test_files' respectively,
      and deal with arrayrefs rather than hashrefs, to more properly reflect
      the format of their values
    - add new 'WriteMakefile_arg', 'test_file', 'exe_file' options, to allow
      for simple use without needing to subclass this plugin

0.20      2014-02-05 05:05:05Z
    - fixed outdated prereq on Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MakeMaker (now requiring
      Dist::Zilla 5 for better prereq merging)

0.19      2014-01-11 18:44:50Z
    - also include the version of ourselves in generated headers
    - synchronized prereqs are used as a fallback in Makefile.PL, as done in
      [MakeMaker] v5.001

0.18      2013-10-20 18:29:23Z
    - re-release with encoding fixes in metadata

0.17      2013-09-27 05:31:27Z
    - fix undef string appearing in place of dist name in generated
      Makefile.PL comment

0.16      2013-09-22 19:48:15Z
    - allow bootstrapping users of this module by using a default $VERSION if
      the real one is not available

0.15      2013-09-08 20:11:17Z
    - re-release with properly encoded META.yml

0.14   2013-05-26 15:12:26
    - test_requires support, as done in Dist::Zilla 4.300032 by Tatsuhiko

0.13   2013-05-15 17:11:35
    - fix load issue with Data::Dumper (Karen Etheridge)

0.12   2011-01-29 11:58:27
    - Remove a trailing space in, patch by Jesse Luehrs at

0.11   2010-09-30 10:36:44
    - Remove a trailing space in, spotted and patched by
      Robin Smidsrød, see

0.10   2010-07-02 23:30:25
    - Fixed share_dir breakage caused by Dist::Zilla not being awesome

0.09   2010-07-02 21:51:19
    - Add a DIAGNOSTICS section that notes a common error

0.08   2010-05-30 12:10:40
    - Installing EXE_FILES was broken due to some missed merges in

0.07   2010-05-26 12:17:04
    - Upgrade to depend on Dist::Zilla v3. The required changes to were backported from upstream's

0.06   2010-05-01 21:18:14
    - Merge changes to the Makefile.PL template from

0.05   2010-04-09 12:58:41
    - Upgrade to support Dist::Zilla v2
    - Remove copy/paste code we can inherit from
    - remove obsolete chainloading support that was never used,
      subclassing is now preferred.

0.04   2010-04-03 12:58:01
    - More documentation proofreading.

0.03   2010-03-31 15:19:08
    - Example from re::engine::Plan9 + more docs

0.02   2010-03-31 14:20:26
    - Added more awesome and renamed to
      Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MakeMaker::Awesome from

0.01   2010-03-13 07:40:07
    - Initial CPAN release