Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Git-Contributors

0.036     2020-12-24 19:08:06Z
          - minor documentation and tooling updates
          - sort by name as well as commit count, for consistent results
            across builds

0.035     2018-09-08 17:38:51Z
          - extra newline chomped in debugging output
          - fix minimum version of Git::Wrapper required in tests (RT#127045)

0.034     2018-04-22 08:59:29Z
          - also handle $zilla->authors possibly returning a list (as in
            Dist::Zilla v7)

0.033     2018-04-22 08:48:13Z
          - 'paths' as reported in config metadata is now once again the exact
            string passed to zilla, rather than normalized paths (fixes issues
            in upcoming Dist::Zilla v7)

0.032     2017-12-06 01:30:30Z
          - fix tests to work on git before 2.0.0, where gpgsign is not

0.031     2017-11-29 02:15:17Z
          - avoid triggering GPG hooks during testing (thanks Ioan Rogers!)

0.030     2017-05-12 15:57:35Z
          - remove spaces from config data dumped to META, which parses badly
            on older YAML decoders in the toolchain

0.029     2016-10-14 01:12:15Z
          - also include empty (file-less) commits; broken since 0.010

0.028     2016-09-27 01:26:54Z
          - add Unicode::Normalize to prereqs -- needed by Unicode::Collate
            when performing normalizations

0.027     2016-09-24 04:27:18Z
          - fix failures on 5.016000 (broken CORE::* subs; see perl RT#113044)

0.026     2016-09-22 17:36:27Z
          - fall back to lc() when casefolding is not available, which removes
            the new perl 5.016 requirement.

0.025     2016-09-22 00:28:04Z
          - uniqueness tests for email addresses are now done
            case-insensitively (Matthew Horsfall); minimum perl version raised
            to 5.016.

0.024     2016-08-09 01:55:19Z
          - include the git version in metadata

0.023     2016-05-07 03:01:07Z
          - fix tests to avoid any user-configured pre-commit hooks

0.022     2016-04-22 12:52:07Z
          - the JSON::PP injection is back - we also need to care about what
            CPAN::Meta does with MYMETA.json, which is beyond our ability to
            check for at build time.

0.021     2016-04-21 17:25:55Z
          - removed JSON::PP injection if [MetaJSON] is new enough to be
            rendering META.json in ascii mode (5.045)

0.020     2016-02-21 04:17:13Z
          - JSON::PP injection is back, as a harmless configure-suggests

0.019     2016-02-19 05:44:15Z
          - JSON::PP logic is refined to check for dynamically-configured
            distributions and those requiring Dist::Zilla
          - remove conditional JSON::PP injection, and replace it with a
            warning message (RT#112147)

0.018     2016-01-27 02:34:58Z
          - improved testing of git directories under MSWin32 (Klaus Eichner)

0.017     2016-01-10 01:23:36Z
          - no changes since 0.016

0.016     2015-12-23 07:42:21Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
          - inject a prerequisite on JSON::PP 2.27300 if non-ascii characters
            are found in contributor data, to allow for (future) correct
            parsing of META.json

0.015     2015-10-30 02:23:31Z
          - duplicates entries are removed, using the email address as the
            unique key

0.014     2015-07-29 02:33:55Z
          - when include_releaser = 0, utf8-decode the releaser name before
            matching it against the list of contributors

0.013     2015-07-21 01:55:31Z
          - use quotemeta() in regular expressions, to avoid choking when a
            contributor name contains special characters

0.012     2015-07-06 23:35:19Z
          - log a warning if user configs are missing

0.011     2015-03-21 18:10:36Z
          - new "remove" option, to specify patterns to match for exclusion

0.010     2015-02-14 22:01:43Z
          - match authors against committers using email address, rather than
            using a full exact string match

0.009     2015-01-19 18:42:40Z
          - avoid fatal error when there are no git commits

0.008     2014-10-22 03:30:59Z
          - fix test that broke with changes in Dist::Zilla::Tester 5.021 (it
            was my own patch, even!)

0.007     2014-08-16 06:31:41Z
          - added the new "path" configuration option, for help in building
            dists contained within a subdirectory of a repository

0.006     2014-08-15 01:44:00Z
          - increase the minimum required version of Unicode::Collate
          - increase the minimum required version of Git::Wrapper
          - avoid doubly-encoded committer strings on older perls by avoiding
            encoding the string before we send it to IPC::Open3
          - make sure not to crash doing "dzil build" when a user has no
   and include_releaser = 0 (Kent Fredric, #1)

0.005     2014-08-13 00:46:11Z
          - basic tests are now ascii-only; unicode tests are marked as TODO
            on MSWin32 for now (see (github) genehack/Git-Wrapper#52 for the
            gory details)
          - now properly sorting names using case-insensitive unicode collation

0.004     2014-08-08 01:29:08Z
          - when on MSWin32, check for mysysgit version and also set
            appropriate config options for proper unicode support
          - new "order_by" configuration option, to allow sorting contributors
            by number of commits made, rather than alphabetically
          - mark "include_releaser" option as experimental, as it will likely
            get removed if CPAN-API/metacpan-web#1270 gets resolved

0.003     2014-08-07 02:32:19Z
          - new 'include_releaser' option, for filtering the releaser user out
            of the contributor list after 'include_authors' has been applied
            (include_authors = 1, include_releaser = 0 recommended)

0.002     2014-08-06 05:21:51Z
          - do not add an empty x_contributors key if there are no
            (non-author) contributors to report
          - fix test failures when run on a system where git has not been
          - warn at runtime if Pod::Weaver::Section::Contributors is too old
            to pull data from distmeta on its own
          - do not blow up if run in a directory that is not tracked by git

0.001     2014-07-31 01:42:08Z
          - Initial release.