Revision history for DBIx-Class-PassphraseColumn

0.05      2019-10-26 20:32:32Z
  * added some more tests

0.04      2019-07-09 17:13:34Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
  * remove the implicit need for SQL::Translator in tests
  * support non-ascii passphrases by utf8-encoding the passphrase before
    passing it to Authen::Passphrase (NOTE: this is a breaking change for any
    passphrases containing characters between 0x80 and 0xff, i.e. non-ascii
    characters in the latin1 character set!!) (RT#92497)

0.03      2019-06-07 01:04:05Z
  * add DBD::SQLite to test requirements (RT#79809)
  * remove unused SQL::Translator from test requirements.

0.02      2011-05-13 09:34:27Z
  * Stop hashed passphrases from being overwritten by plain-text
    passphrases. Thanks, Gareth Harper <> for finding this and
    suggesting a fix.

0.01      2010-12-09 15:12:39Z
  * Initial release.