#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

use Crypt::Skip32;

# Create a cipher. Change the long hex string to your secret key.
my $key         = pack("H20", "112233445566778899AA");
my $cipher      = new Crypt::Skip32 $key; # Always 10 bytes!

# Encrypt an unsigned integer (under 2^32) into an 8-digit hex string.
my $number      = 3493209676;
my $plaintext   = pack("N", $number);
my $ciphertext  = $cipher->encrypt($plaintext); # Always 4 bytes!
my $cipherhex   = unpack("H8", $ciphertext);
print "$number encrypted and converted to hex: $cipherhex\n";

# Decrypt an encrypted, hexified unsigned integer.
my $ciphertext2 = pack("H8", $cipherhex);
my $plaintext2  = $cipher->decrypt($ciphertext); # Always 4 bytes!
my $number2     = unpack("N", $plaintext2);
print "$cipherhex converted back and decrypted: $number2\n";