Changes for version 0.11

  • Added perl.pod [raffaellog, dree]
  • Added perlboot.pod [dree, dakkar, osfameron]
  • Added perlcheat.pod [frodo72, dree]
  • Added perlipc.pod translation [frodo72]
  • Added perlmodinstall.pod [raffaellog]
  • Added perlmodstyle.pod [raffaellog, dree]
  • Added perlref.pod [ludan, dree, frodo72]
  • Added perlrequick.pod [dree, shishii]
  • Added perlsyn.pod [kral, frodo72, dree]
  • Added resources/ script [frod72] ! Updated all translated pods to 5.8.8 [dree, frodo72] ! Minor fixes to all pods ! Added 'COPYRIGHT AND LICENCE' section to [bepi]


Italian translation of Perl core documentation