Changes for version 1.00

  • Added mod_perl 2 and mod_perl 1 full compatibility
  • Added OO interface. Now Apache::SessionManager inherits from Apache class
  • Added new cookpod section: "Using Apache::SessionManager without root privileges"
  • Added new cookpod section: "Using Apache::SessionManager with Apache::DBI"
  • Added new cookpod section: "Expiration policies on the client side"
  • Added t/lib/ simple mod_perl handler to test OO interface ! Updated Makefile.PL in order to:
    • accept command line switch '-n' which doesn't ask at prompt and doesn't run live Apache tests. This is to pack easier this package for Debian (suggested by Krzysztof Krzyzaniak <>)
    • check correctly environment: test mod_perl generation and test suite. Added messages before configuring test
    • add httpd.conf extra lines for testing with Apache::DBI
  • ! Updated PODS
    • PODS (VERSION section)
    • added L<> in every module name
    • documented mp1/mp2 bug with "PerlSetVar Foo 0"
    • Switched use of $ENV{'GATEWAY_INTERFACE'} to $ENV{'MOD_PERL'} in cookbook samples
    • Fix 'Expire' with 'Expires'
  • ! Bug fix: SessionManagerExpire: '0' => (none|no|disabled) value means no expiration time ! Moved tests to run only under Apache::testold mod_perl 1 test suite ! Ported t/lib/*.pm sample modules to work either with mod_perl 1.0 and 2.0


Session management Cookpod with Apache::SessionManager


mod_perl 1.0/2.0 session manager extension to manage sessions over HTTP requests