Changes for version 0.05

  • Added syntax control over SessionManagerExpire directive. A explicit '0' value means no expiration time (if undefined the default value is 3600)
  • Added syntax control over SessionManagerInactivity directive
  • Removed dependency from Apache::Cookie. CGI::Cookie will be used instead of Apache::Cookie if libapreq aren't installed
  • Added Apache::SessionManager::cookpod pod HOWTO
  • Added patch (patches/PLP-3.18.patch) to add direcly $session into PLP Perl embedder
  • Added patch (patches/Apache-Session-1.54-patch) for Apache::Session::Lock::File
  • Added authentication test handler t/lib/ to show how Apache::SessionManager
  • can work with authentication (see perldoc Apache::SessionManager::cookpod) ! Modified test handler t/lib/ to print $session dump ! Update module docs, added sections ! Updated test and docs



mod_perl session manager extension to manage sessions over HTTP requests