Changes for version 0.02

  • Added control to bypass expiration time check in new sessions
  • Use of session in test handler t/lib/
  • Added successfully tested platforms in POD [BUGS] section ! Corrected print on STDERR in _tieSession ! Corrected Makefile.PL httpd.conf extra lines ! Updated pod (moved PerlTransHandler outside <Location> section in a configuration example!)

Changes for version 0.01_4

  • Added support to embed session ID in URI other than in cookie ! Updated docs and test for URI session ID tracking

Changes for version 0.01_3

  • Used Apache::Session:Flex to configure datastore on the fly (in httpd.conf with PerlSetVar directives) ! Updated docs and test

Changes for version 0.01_2

  • Wrote test suite with Apache::test ! Updated docs
  • Released as RFC to mod_perl community

Changes for version 0.01_1

  • original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options -X -n Apache::SessionManager


mod_perl extension to manage sessions over HTTP requests