Revision history for Net-IRC3

0.6	Tue Sep 23 12:42:11 CEST 2008
        - deprecated this module, use AnyEvent::IRC in future!
        - connect is done non blocking
        - major semantic change: you can't reuse a connection object,
          after the 'disconnect' event has been issued you have to recreate
          it and reconnect the new object. All event handlers are cleared
          after the 'disconnect' event has been issued too.
        - major api change for channel_add and channel_remove
        - added CTCP support
        - implemented automatic pinging (on user request)
          see Net::IRC3::Client::Connection::enable_ping

0.5     Sun Mar 11 23:54:10 CET 2007
        - added server password support
        - fixed a bug with nick-changing
        - added topic support
        - fixed problem in prefix matching
        - fixed a bug where channel_add was called with already
          joined nicks, these duplicates are now prevented.
        - found a bug in prefix_host with the tests
        - added some tests
        - disconnect now also does send channel_add/remove events
        - enhanced connection handling a bit
        - added connect and connect_error events to Net::IRC3::Connection
        - fixed a bug where too many channel_remove events were generated on QUIT
        - fixed case handling with channels
        - added functionality to change the nick automatically
          when it is already taken when registering an IRC connection.
        - added reply number <=> reply name mapping to Net::IRC3::Util
          accessible through rfc_code_to_name
        - added error event to Net::IRC3::Client::Connection
        - fixed bugs in nick handling and added support for the NICK
          change command in Net::IRC3::Client::Connection
        - Net::IRC3::Client::Connection->channel_list now returns channel and nick
          information in the servers cAsE.
        - fixed a bug in send_srv and send_chan where messages
          could have been sent twice.

0.4     Tue Nov 28 17:13:01 CET 2006
        - fixed broken PONG reply before 001
        - made channel_list return an empty hash instead undef when no channel is joined

0.3     Mon Jul 17 13:43:13 UTC 2006
        - Refactored the code: Remove, and make the connections
          to standalone objects.
        - Added nickname tracing for channels

0.2     Sun Jul 16 12:58:06 CEST 2006
        - Code got a little bit refactored and wrote documentation.
          It seems ready for a first release.

0.1     Sat Jul 15 23:46:49 UTC 2006
        - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.