- Implement queryResourceProperties

- Implement WS-Security - signing SOAP using x509 digitial
  certificates is done. More testing needs to be done
  for interoperability. The current API is crap - 
  what is required is a WSS::SigningPolicy object that allows
  the user to specify what he wants to be signed/ or

  Server Side
  sub serviceOperation {
    my $envelope = pop @_;
    $SigningPolicy = WSS::SigningPolicy->new();
    $SigningPolicy->sign('Body' => namespace);

    die "Not signed\n" unless 

    $header = SOAP::Header->new()....
    $data   = SOAP::data->new()....

    #sign the response using the rules defined by $SigningPolicy
    return $header, $data, $SigningPolicy;

  Client Side

  $SigningPolicy = WSS::SigningPolicy->new('Body' => namespace);

  $ans = WSRF::Lite ->wsaddress($wsa)

  #check the signature using a WSS::SigningPolicy object
  WSS::verify($ans, $SigningPolicy); 

- Why does wget fail when a HTTP GET is done on a WS-Resource
  endpoint - curl and GET work?

- When using Get(Multiple)ResourceProperty we ignore
  namespaces because SOAP::Lite has thrown them away at
  that point - SOAP::Lite 0.65 might rescue us.
- Problems if clients use xsi:types in SOAP messages.    

- Need to handle "mustunderstand" in SOAP Headers properly.

- Implement WS-Notification

- Fix Weird Socket errors messages with SContainer

- Content rules for WS-ServiceGroups.