ODO::Ontology::RDFS - RDFS to Perl code generator frontend.


 use ODO::Node;
 use ODO::Graph::Simple;
 use ODO::Ontology::RDFS;
 my $schema = ODO::Graph::Simple->Memory(name=> 'Schema Model');
 my $source_data = ODO::Graph::Simple->Memory(name=> 'Source Data model');
 my ($statements, $imports) = ODO::Parser::XML->parse_file('/path/to/a/file.xml');
 print STDERR "Generating Perl schema\n";
 my $SCHEMA = ODO::Ontology::RDFS->new(graph=> $source_data, schema_graph=> $schema);
 # $SCHEMA is_a ODO::Ontology::RDFS::PerlEntity
 my $resource = RDFS::Resource->new(ODO::Node::Resource->new(''), $source_data);

 my $klass = RDFS::Class->new(ODO::Node::Resource->new(''), $source_data);




define_schema_objects( )

Get all class data:

1. Get all subjects with type Class - the name of the class is provided by the label - the comment is a description of the class - the definition is a URI where you can find the actual definition of the the object (definition and isDefinedBy should be methods) - record any explicit subclasses with the subClassOf triple 2. Get all properties with their domain being in the class from step 1 - Access them with a general property( $name, [ $value ] ) method ? 3. Build objects

define_class_objects( )
define_property_objects( )
eval_schema_objects( )
eval_object( )
getObjectProperties( $objectURI )

Finding properties of a particular class means finding all triples that have the class's subject URI and the form <any, rdfs:domain> <subject URI>

get_constructor_data( $uri )
getSchemaData( $schemaObject, $property )
get_class_data( $uri )
get_property_data( $uri )
get_rdfs_label( $uri )
isPropertyURI( $uri )
isClassURI( $uri )
forward_declare_classes( $class_uri_list )
foward_declare_properties( $property_list )
get_class_uris( )

Finds all of the triples that fit the form: (subject, <rdf:type>, <rdfs:Class>) Semantically: all of the RDFS classes in the graph.

get_property_uris( )

Finds all triples that fit the form: (<URI>, <rdf:type>, <rdf:Property>). Semantically: Find all of the rdf:Properties in this graph.

getPropertiesInDomain( $graph, $owner_uri )

Finds all of the triples that fit the form: (<ownerSubjectURI>, <rdf:type>, <rdfs:domain>) Semantically: All subjects that have a domain restriction that is the owner class. These should be <rdf:Properties>

uri_to_property_package_name( $uri )
uri_to_package_name( $uri )
bootstrap( )


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