Revision history for Perl extension Text-Markup.

0.24  2019-12-12T00:53:25Z
     - Added missing `<head>` tag to all output. Thanks to Axel Beckert for
       the pull request (#16, #18)!
     - Added the `format_matchers` class method, which returns a list of
       formats and the regular expressions that match them.
     - Added `use warnings;` to all modules, thanks to a patch from John SJ
       Anderson (#22).
     - Added support for a `--raw` option to the markup modules for which it
       makes sense. This option allows markup to be output without wrapping it
       in a minimal HTML skeleton. Thanks to John SJ Anderson for the patch
       (#2, #24)!
     - Ported reST to Python 3. Thanks to gregor herrmann for the PR (#26).

0.23  2015-05-21T06:23:35Z
     - Added BBcode and Creole to the module description.
     - Fixed a failing test for the Mediawiki format due to a change in CGI
       v4.14. This reverses the workaround required by CGI 4.11, introduced in
       v0.20. Not that you care. It's just a test change.
     - Updated the Pod parser to determine the indentation of verbatim blocks
       by the line with the shortest leading whitespace, rather than the
       whitespace of just the first line. Inspired by an equivalent approach
       in Mojolicious by Joel Berger.

0.22  2015-02-20T03:52:36Z
     - Added support for Creole. Thanks to Lucas Kanashiro for the patch!

0.21  2015-02-17T00:18:20Z
     - Fixed description of Asciidoc and added it to the README.
     - Added support for BBcode. Thanks to Lucas Kanashiro for the patch!

0.20   2015-01-22T00:54:50Z
     - Fixed a failing test for the Mediawiki format due to a change in CGI
       v4.11. Thanks to Andreas Koenig for the report and diagnosis.

0.19  2014-02-07T04:00:56Z
     - Fixed Pod markup so that it does not strip text from the first line of
       verbatim blocks.
     - Removed the `--safe` option from Asciidoc. It is just borked with the
       XHTML back end.

0.18  2013-06-08T23:24:09Z
     - Now require HTML::Tagset, since Text::MediawikiFormat seems to need it
       but only recommends it.
     - Removed all Pod tests from the distribution.
     - Updated reST to support docutils 0.7 - 0.10 and when Pygments is not
       available. Daniele Varrazzo.

0.17  2012-02-28T04:31:07Z
     - Added Asciidoc support.

0.16  2012-02-13T17:23:00Z
     - Rest support now uses its own implementation of `rst2html` so that it
       can render specialized reST documents, such as Sphinx files, in a more
       forgiving way: it preserves the content of unknown directives while not
       emulating specialized rendering. Written by Daniele Varrazzo.
     - Improved handling of Sphinx directives in Rest output. Most directives
       are stripped out, although `function` directives now turn out much
       nicer. Props to Daniele Varrazzo for the work on the Rest parser.
     - Fixed character encoding issues with the Rest parser.
     - Fixed a character encoding issue in the test suite.

0.15  2012-01-13T23:04:16Z
      - Changed the parsers to return `undef` if no content was parsed from a
      - Added reST support, with thanks to Daniele Varrazzo.

0.14  2011-10-09T17:45:28Z
      - Added option processing to the Pod parser. Thanks to Mark Allen for
        the pull request.

0.13  2011-05-21T15:33:28
      - Fixed broken regular expression in the Pod parser that could eat the
        first line of a verbatim block.

0.12  2011-04-04T23:16:12
      - Documented that the `file` parameter to `parse()` is required.
      - Added MultiMarkdown support.
      - Fixed test failure in `t/formats.t` when no supported markup parser is

0.11  2011-02-22T22:41:15
      - Added list of supported markups to the README.
      - Fixed test failures on Perls earlier than 5.12.

0.10  2011-02-22T19:45:27
      - Initial version. Includes parsers for:
        + HTML
        + Markdown
        + MediaWiki
        + Pod
        + Textile
        + Trac