Here is a list of people and their CPAN id, extracted from the ChangeLog
file and the mailing list archives.  These people have either submitted
patches or suggestions, or their bug reports or comments have inspired
the appropriate patches.  Corrections, additions, deletions welcome:

Alain Barbet            (ALIAN)
Alexandre Simon         (ASIMON)
Andy Wardley            (ABW)
Ansgar Burchardt
Brian Cassidy           (BRICAS)
Calum Halcrow
Charlie Garrison        (CNG)
Christian Hansen
Cosimo Streppone        (COSIMO)
Clinton Gormley         (DRTECH)
Felix Ostmann
Gaal Yahas              (GAAL)
Helmut Lichtenberg
Hsin-Chan Chien         (HCCHIEN)
Ivan Bessarabov         (BESSARABV)
Jesse Vincent           (JESSE)
Jiing Deng
Joe McCarty
Macpaul Lin
Mathieu Arnold          (MAT)
Mikael Sennerholm
Niko Tyni
Noelle Christian
Robert Spier            (ROBRT)
Ruslan U. Zakirov       (RUZ)
Sava Chankov            (SAVA)
Sebastian Knapp
Sean M. Burke           (SBURKE)
Stephen Quinney         (SJQUINNEY)
Tatsuhiko Miyagawa      (MIYAGAWA)
Thierry Vignaud
Tokuhiro Matsuno        (TOKUHIROM)
Ton Voon                (TONVOON)
Wei-Hon Chen
Yann Kerherve           (YANNK)
Yi Ma Mao               (IMACAT)