1.05     2016-09-12

- Added MooseX::Role::Parameterized to the list of modules which are
  recognized by the RequireCleanNamespace policy.

1.04     2015-10-07

- Added a new policy, ProhibitLazyBuild. PR #5 by Kieren Diment.

1.03     2015-05-31

- Make Perl::Critic::Policy::Moose::RequireCleanNamespace ignore use
  statements of the form "use Moose ()". Since this doesn't import anything,
  there's nothing to clean. PR #3 by Noel Maddy.

1.02     2015-04-21

- Make all policies accept an "equivalent_modules" config parameter. If you
  have an in-house My::Moose, specify that as an equivalent module and the
  policies will check the code that uses My::Moose.

- Added MooseX::Role::Parameterized as a default equivalent module where this
  made sense.

- Changed ProhibitNewMethod to work better with a single file containing
  multiple packages.

1.01     2015-01-10

- Allow "use namespace::autoclean" to satisfy the RequireCleanNamespace policy
  by default. In addition, you can provide your own list of "cleaners" as a
  configuration option.

1.00     2015-01-10

- No changes from the last release, just making this official.

0.999_002  2009-05-15

- New Moose::ProhibitMultipleWiths and Moose::ProhibitNewMethod policies.

- The list of modules that RequireCleanNamespace looks for is customizable and
  Moose::Util::TypeConstraints has been added to the default list.

0.999_001  2008-10-30

- Initial release.